Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GOOD DECISIONS VS. BAD DECISIONS (or sometimes, just impulsive decisions)

Before I update my blog.... (my internet has been down for about 2 weeks - ggrrr)

I want to congratulate all the great athletes that I have the pleasure of knowing and who completed Ironman Canada in Penticton 2010:
Paul B. Dan B. Dorrie F. Kathryn J. Robert P. Kelly R. Ross S. Ari S. Brad S. James S. Greg S. Faizel S. Ted T. Ted C. Jack VD. Max L. Darren A. Leanne M. Ron. and Mike K., who completed Ironman Coeur d'Alene in June.
You are all amazing athletes and have put in the work to have great outcomes - outstanding!

Also congrats to Jon and Grant on the Subaru Banff Triathlon - you are now 1 win each, when will the tie breaker be???

As I continue into the fall, I've kinda "fallen" off the training regime. Good intentions most days, but not always so great on the follow through. COLD weather as an excuse for not being on my bike - bad decision. But I've been keeping up with my running - good decision. I'm now running 70 minutes continuously (with some negative splits!). Not really doing much in the pool - bad decision, but I've started doing weights and core workouts - good decision.

When it comes to gym/physical activity stuff I seem to make pretty good decisions most of the time, substituting one workout for another, that's the beauty of triathlons, the variety of training. For me this a big part of why I've been plugging along and steadily improving since I did my first tri in 2005 - see, good decision.

The start up of fall classes in ETS bike and Talisman Triclub swim and bike classes are going to be painful with time trials (skipping workouts - ouch, and bad at the same time). I'm going to be paying for some bad decisions come October.

The other bad, or rather "impulsive", decision I made this month involved my love of impulse shopping/buying - 2 pair of shoes on sale is one thing.... New vehicle on impulse, not necessarily a good or bad decision, just not one that should be made on impulse!

It started with working a weekend with only 1 person to see in the morning, but then being on my pager, "available", for the rest of the day.... OK, a new dress and pants at Cross Iron Mills, not so bad. But I still had the rest of the afternoon to kill. Why not just go test drive a new car? Off I went, but I didn't like the SUV I test drove. OK, that took care of Saturday, Sunday dealers are closed. But by Tues I thought I should go over to Toyota and test drive a couple of vehicles. This is when it all fell apart. I've owned/leased 3 new Toyotas since I graduated from University and have faith in their reliability. I also drive for work, so need a reliable car. So in the process of not doing enough research on my part (IE - looking at used car prices, not just the "black" book price) and making ill thought out comments to the salesman after he takes a quick call from a customer looking for a used car, "Well, sell him mine!" And he DID (well, let's be realistic, I DID). Oh crap, now I really do need a vehicle b/c I don't think my job description allows me to cycle house to house each day. So in my parkade is a lovely RED 2010 Toyota Rav 4. It's the 3rd Rav I've owned, so I think that was a good decision. Impulse car shopping - BAD decision. Matches my new red bike - good decision. (I think that makes 2:1, good:bad.)

I must develop new decision making habits that involve no BIG decisions unless you sit on them for 24 hours. Lesson learned, I hope so..... but I do love Red!

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