Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is this a sign?

Some days are better than others.  We all have those crazy days when we wonder what was the point?

  • Monday PM - bag ready to go as I'm going to have a long workout and Physio on Tues.  Plan to w/o in am, then Physio after work.  Even have my breakfast ready to go in the fridge.
  • Tues morning - get up, feeling relatively rested, ready to go out the door --> glance at clock 3:22 AM! WTF?  Not so proficient at managing alarm clock - set alarm correctly, but changed the time in doing so.
  • Back to bed - reset time and still aim to get in w/o before work.
  • Wake up - 8AM! WTF? Forgot to turn alarm on after fixing time.
  • Whatever, hour late for work, long evening ahead --> physio, then workout....
  • Physio uneventful, but always helpful.
  • Back to gym - ready for 30 min swim, 1:20 min water run.
  • Go home, have dinner, in bed by 9:00 PM.
  • .... and so it goes.
Happy training
Ciao, Cindy

Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'm broken.
My Garmin is broken.
My knee is broken (OK only figuratively); therefore, my running is broken.
The Physio says to tell the Coach, "Stop breaking me...."
My head says go, my body says - not so fast there missy.

Refocus - water running replaces running as even the elliptical is making my knee sore.  Less intensity on the bike, but still able to complete rides (I love my bike!). Swimming is going well overall, as long as I'm not wearing fins.  Llew's classes on hold as they are very intense and I'm not tolerating walking downstairs, never mind doing a bunch of weights.  Need to buy a new Garmin...  Thank goodness for physio, massage and coaches!

So there it is - progress and set-backs.  I'm trying to keep things in perspective and moving forward.  I swam the furthest ever this week - 3800 m!  Time needs work, but glad I was able to complete the distance. Finding time to get everything in is a challenge some days, but I think I have made 80% or more of my scheduled workouts!  I attended Jack's talk this evening and he identified consistency as a key to being successful - I immediately came home and added up my workouts on Training Peaks - whew, that was a relief.  Not every week is perfect and Elmar chides me for switching up work outs. I'm happy with my coach and we'll have to come up with a different strategy for my running to move forward - not sure they'll let me do 42 km worth of extra laps in the lake at Arizona.

Next challenge - find a new person to cut my hair - now that's traumatic!!

Ciao, Cindy