Monday, July 23, 2012

Better Get Crackalackin'

Yes, Victoria was a learning experience.  Probably the worst head space I've been in for a race.  But my "grateful list" served me well.  Self talk is a powerful tool, only to be used for good, not evil.

Had a little break after Victoria, necessitated by a minor surgery and stitches. No swim, bike, run for 10 days, how will I survive?

Now, back to hill climbing....
Went out to Jumping Pound Loop for a mountain bike on a warm, sunny Sunday.  Decided I may never move beyond the "beginner" trails, but I'm OK with that.  Also decided I'm a bit of a "Princes" on my mountain bike.  Again, I'm OK with that.  Didn't fall of my bike - and I'm OK with that.

Another great ride from the Stoney Nakoda Casino up Highwood Pass on Hwy 40.  The original plan was to go to Longview ~140 km on the other side.  I didn't get the part of not coming back over Highwood Pass so when I got to the starting point I was a bit confused.  The others in the group were in the process of dropping cars off at Longview.

Off we went.  I wasn't sure if I would make it all the way to Longview, but the plan was to get as far as  I could and the others would pick me up on the way back if they were that far ahead.  They headed off and I plodded along on my own, uphill.  I got to the 4 hr mark (65 km) and wasn't quite at the top of the pass, but I was starting to fade - barely holding ~7 km/hr in a headwind uphill.  I made the call to turn around and go back to my car at the casino, lest I fall over and get eaten by a bear.  I'd still end up with 130 km, not too shabby, and I'd also get a "coke stop" at the Gas Plus near the winter gate.  Going over the pass didn't leave me any options for refills on food or water.  Good decision for me - 4 hours out, 2 hr 15 min back, not including my coke stop; mmmm, caffeine.  I made a wise decision b/c I really felt much better riding back after my little coke and food fix, but  still had variable wind directions to deal with.  I didn't have quite enough food with me.  Note to self....

Left notes on everyone's car to let them know I was headed home.  I made the right decision when I realized they still had 140 km drive back to pick-up cars and the drive back to Calgary.

Another brutally windy ride from Co-Op at 12 Mile Coulee Rd out to Ghost Lake this Sat. Got to Ghost Lake going straight through on 1A instead of doing the 70.3 course in reverse.  Just about blown off the bike! Stop pedalling and come to an almost immediate stop - crazy. Worked out well anyway as Tushar and I rode back together on the 70.3 course and I got my mileage in and I almost kept up with him (damn the uphills!!)

The next little item on the summer agenda was "Mudhero".
SOOO much fun, on a hot Sunday in July, with NO WIND! Went with a group from work. Did my usual of finishing at the end of the group. And I'm the one who does all the training!!  LOL... They were all sore today, but not me...

Going to volunteer at the Talisman Tri Club tent for a water stop on the Calgary 70.3 course next weekend and continue hill training.....

Ciao, Cindy

I'm Grateful.....

First, a confession....
This is sort of a repeat blog b/c I accidentally deleted the original blog. Yes, my most *excellent* computer skills continue.

I was initially upset with my performance at the Subaru Victoria Half Ironman on June 17.  I had self doubt welling up inside of me when I arrived in Victoria and drove the bike course - I may not make the bike cutoff, this course has no significant downhills or flats, I may be in trouble.  The nerves followed me all the way to the start line race morning - a very windy day = choppy swim, with leaky goggles, which leads onto a windy bike course.  Self talk continues on the negative side, this is not good!

When I got out on the bike, I went by a church with a billboard inviting the "flock" to share what you're grateful for prior to the service that morning.  With no time to stop (although I seriously considered it) I thought this was something I could do to rethink this race, b/c I really wasn't in a great head space.

And that's exactly what I did.

I'm grateful for so many things in my life....
A co-worker reminded me, "I was one of the 2% of the population who has ever completed a triathlon", when we had a discussion about "what we did on our summer vacations".
I shouldn't feel disappointed in finishing 2nd last when 11 people didn't finish that particular race.
I actually liked the run!! It was on a hard packed dirt trail around the Elk Lake x 2.  Beautiful trail, no significant hills, in the big trees and shady.
I still maintained my personal record of always completing a race.
I have a great group of fellow athletes to train and race with.  Jon and Felix did amazingly well. Jon had a PB and Felix met his goal on his first half. Congratulations guys.
I have a very fast red bike that I love to ride; along with my road bike and mountain bike, and 1 more bike for India.
I'm still growing and learning and enjoying the challenge of trying to get a personal best!
I got to see Brent McMahon, (2012 Olympian with Simon Whitfield and Kyle Jones) b/c he was on a relay team here. Man he's not much taller than I am, but he's a skinny little guy, perhaps that's why he's such a fast runner?
I'm still learning new skills on and off the training field - I'm loving my forays into mountain biking and I'm enjoying the diversity of my new job.

I could've hung up my race belt if I'd chosen to do Chinook Half instead of Victoria - there were only 2 other women in my age group - I would've been on the PODIUM!!  

Next up, Banff Gran Fondo!!

Ciao, Cindy