Friday, August 31, 2012

"Tout est fini"

Banff Gran Fondo #1.  Got the jersey; shortened course due to a grizzly and cubs (my heart was *broken*); 104 km instead of 142 km; freakin' cold early morning start; finished in expected time; felt more prepared for the hills; apparently hill repeats are beneficial. 

Fait accompli.
Oh look at me, pretending to be bilingual.  

I would recommend the Banff Gran Fondo as the scenery was beautiful and the riding -- not flat.  Didn't have quite the "fun" vibe that I experienced in the STP - Seattle to Portland Gran Fondo I completed in 2008 and it was 200 miles in 2 days. I did see an STP jacket at Banff though!!

Ironman Canada athletes that I know and train with had amazing results with huge PB's. Congratulations every one of you!!

Really enjoyed learning new skills on my mountain bike, collected many, many bruises, earning every one. Will definitely continue on with that next season.

I had a mediocre tri season this year. I did OK at Wasa, another cold day! Felt defeated after Victoria, but happy that I pushed through and finished. Now what?  Tri club doesn't start again until October. Too early to think about goals and plans for next season?

2 rides planned this weekend; running starts for me again on Sept 1st; I will not surrender!

Ciao, Cindy

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012

On and Off the Bike

Back to some mountain biking yesterday with my Spin Sisters buddy. She's very patient as I was LATE AGAIN.....  This is becoming a nasty habit and I must stop it. (Thanks for waiting for me Melissa).

We decided we needed to see some new trails and since neither of us have made it out to many of the Spin Sisters rides lately, I didn't have much to offer.  Hit up another co-worker, who does lots of riding, for information and headed out to West Bragg Creek.  After canvasing the parking lot with our map (I have no shame), we decided to try "Braggin' Rights".  Good choice.  I do believe it was Steve Walsh and his riding partner who pointed us in the right direction.  I do believe he may have been in some of the ETS classes, way back when??

The trail is one of the new ones this year in WBC.  It was a climb the first km and I really need to learn to mount and dismount from both sides of my bike.  My first fall off the mountain occurred in the first km.  Fall off, roll down hill, remove bike from on top of me, crawl back up hill with Melissa's assistance with my bike.  Ride on....  Turned out to be a great day.  Would love a new bike - full suspension? 29er? Wait, I'm saving for India.  Never mind new mountain bike, carry on.

It was a really great morning.  We were both pleased with our effort and decided, even though we didn't ride much this summer, we saw improvement in ourselves compared to our last ride at Jumping Pound Loop.  Met a guy on the trail who gave us some more pointers and we finished the loop (9km).  We are quite slow and do walk uphill a fair bit, but we get it done.  Perfect weather.  Finished off with a beverage at Cinnamon Spoon and headed home.

I headed to Bow Cycle as my gears were skipping a fair bit, especially uphill.  When I had my bike tuned at Speed Theory, Doug did say I may need to replace the cassette.  So Bow Cycle was able to do that on the spot for me!  Thanks guys.

Next up, Banff Gran Fondo Aug 25!  God, I hope the weather holds.....

Good luck to all those completing Apple Tri in Kelowna this weekend and IRONMAN CANADA next weekend.
Happy training and racing!

Ciao Cindy

Monday, August 13, 2012

HA!! It was the computer

An important update to defend my exceptional computer skills.
I looked at my computer prior to putting my bike in the Rav this morning and noticed the screen is no longer "sleeping", but blank!!  Dead battery.
Ha, I win and my reward is a trip to the store for a new battery.
Stupid computer.....
Got through my hill repeats on Road to Nepal tonight with my Garmin, which I managed to set to biking, rather than running.  I'm a super-user now!!
Cathy, thanks for the company.
Ciao, Cindy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

I get a really BIG "X"

Having my training partners peeved with me wasn't my intention, but where I ended up on Sat - MY BAD!

It goes like this.... someone puts up a possible route, then we discuss, agree or make a different suggestion.  I obviously don't know all the intricacies of this format.  I suggested an earlier start time, didn't hear back from the others, talked to one of the group in person and he was undecided about an hour earlier start. Then I forgot to set my alarm, but when I woke up at 8:01 I thought, no worries, I'll just meet everyone at 9:00, b/c I didn't hear back from anyone about the 8:00 start anyway.
I was surprised at the phone call at 8:10 saying "where are you"?  Well, I've just washed my face and I'll see you at 9:00.  No, they are all there, except me, who requested the earlier time - oh crap!! Sorry...

I've been reading up on the info about the Banff Gran Fondo; they advise if you can't maintain >20 km/hr you may not be fully supported for the ride as they have allowed 7 hours total.  I was a bit concerned with this, getting myself all worked up, as I did in Victoria.

I was now on my own and I decided this was my last opportunity for a really long ride as Banff is in 2 weeks.  Off I went from my place, out passed Bragg Creek, to the Texas gate on Hwy 66 and back.  Saw the bird jersey 3 times on my ride (plus mine was 4!).  Quite fun, as you recognize the jersey first, look closer to recognize the rider and give a big wave b/c you inevitably know them.  Stopped to have some nutrition every half hour, and kept plugging along.

Stopped for chai in Bragg Creek and ran into Heather and Ian, who're just back from the Olympics!!  Had a quick chat about the events they saw. Then off to get more Gatorade for the trip back when my bike is standing against the wall, a lady stops to chat about my bike and her great dane. The dog is as tall as my bike!!

Stupid bike computer wouldn't restart after Bragg Creek.  Why is it every sentence I write with computer in it, also has stupid in it.  If I wasn't so confident it was the computer and not the operator, I'm sure I'd have a huge chip on my shoulder by now....  I persevered and I'm happy to report that my total ride time was 5:30:00 for 140 km.   I was concerned at my time and average speed at the half way point, but was an hour faster coming back in a tail wind, so it was all good.  At least I can work my watch.

Olympic watching almost done too.  I admire and I'm in awe of all our athletes and their preparation, but feel for them too.  Canada has had so many heart breaks in 2012.

Happy training....

Ciao, Cindy