Thursday, July 31, 2014

NO, you can't have my SEAT!!

My training continues to tick along.  Elmar posted a work out for Wed - hill repeats at Edworthy that he would also try to attend.  Hmmm, this could be good or not so good, but I thought I'd better take advantage of the individual attention!!

Got to Edworthy at agreed upon time and there he was at the top of the hill on my first of 8 repeats.  I'm really bad for getting the details of a work out correct.  I knew I had 8 repeats, but didn't look too closely at the details.  I know the last time I did hill repeats I killed the first 3 and fell apart on the last 3. I think he may have taken that into account and thought some supervision was in order??

Off I go - up and down, up and down.... I'm supposed to stay in an easy gear and stand for the whole hill. Now this isn't a long hill (1km), but it's steep, by my definition.  What the?  stand for the whole thing? And he's beside me the whole time.  Crap that's hard and I don't really do that well. He may have been speaking forcefully at me (I tell him he's not allowed to yell at me!) telling me to stand up as I was sitting, gasping for air, but still moving and fumbling with gears.

Then it got interesting - he threatened to take my seat, so I'd have to stand up and add 2 more repeats!! (I may have boasted that I am capable of 10 repeats).  Crap, it's not like I can out ride him to get away - would he really take my seat?  Up and down, he may have yelled at me - still threatening to take my seat.  Then he got sidetracked by his cycling teammates that were getting ready for their Wed group ride.  This was my chance to escape -  he left me on my own for the downhill.  He caught up to me and I chose to stick it out and did the last of 3 "standing" repeats.  Wasn't 100%, but he agreed it was the best of the 3.  I kept my seat.....

So there's the new measure - can I get to the top of Edworthy without sitting?

Had a great time volunteering at 70.3 Calgary this weekend.  So many great performances - it was a pleasure offering support to all the athletes at our Talisman Tri Club aid station.  Congratulations to everyone!!

Happy training - Ciao, Cindy

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tally for the week....

- 1 clean house - I actually can't take credit for it, but I really appreciate my house cleaning lady!
- 1 clean car (inside and out!)
- 3 clean bikes
- A visit to a very yummy bakery in Black Diamond
- 1 good week of work outs / 1 so-so week of workouts (16/18 hours completed one week) and not so good this past week...
- Couldn't hold it together for 2 big weeks of training.  Did well with long ride on Sat both weeks, but couldn't follow through with second long ride on Sunday both weeks.

When I stop to think about how things went it becomes pretty obvious - not much sleep and poor recovery food that was ill timed post ride on Sat. This then carries over to the next day, blah, blah, blah....

What is the  moral? Finding balance.  For my nephews birthday in May - I compromised and rode my bike to the party (in Drumheller). Last weekend - I compromised the workouts to spend time with family. 

On a more positive note - my running is progressing forward!! (slooowly).  I have given the Hoka's a fair trial, but can't tolerate the ankle situation - the shoe is not cut low enough around the ankle for me. The Altra's, on the other hand, seem to be agreeing with me.  Since I'm increasing my run very conservatively, I haven't had any significant soreness (calves/achilles) post runs - sore quads for 3 days post stairs - YES.  I start a new session with Llew this week, so we'll see how I do in the Altra's.  

That is all....

Happy training, Ciao Cindy