Monday, April 25, 2011

The Love Affair Rekindled

I still love my very fast red bike! Especially off the trainer and outside - finally, some sunshine and no snow in the forecast. This weekend was a long time coming and I'm so glad it did. I was reading Holly's blog with longing - riding on the island with no snow for 2 days of solid training.
I feel so much better now..... I got out on my bike on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for consecutively longer rides each day. I was in long sleeves and long pants, but the point was I was out, the sun was shining, and I enjoyed the rides with minimal wind! Saw lots of familiar faces on the road and had great rides. Was pleasantly surprised at the road conditions too - hwy 22 has been swept and Springbank Rd. & Lower Springbank Rd. were in pretty good shape too.
Managed to get in a run on Monday to change things up a bit (as well as doing a very thorough cleaning of my home - long overdue), and try to remember I'm a triathlete, it can't be all biking, all the time. I made it through my whole run without any calf issues (cramping), which I attribute to poor posture when I get fatigued. I've been doing all right on the track or treadmill, but was back to square one with an outside run 2 weeks ago. Very frustrating, but I just need to pay attention and stand up.
Back to the regular workout schedule this week and try to increase my distances a bit with each workout since I'm going to go to Jack's Vernon bike camp again this May. I'll only be joining for the last 3 days, but I'm looking forward to it. I attended this camp last year and it was so worth all the effort.
I bailed on the Police 1/2 Marathon on April 17. Running in snow and slush when I flared up my calf wasn't at all appealing (as in - I don't want to walk 21.2 km). I admire the perseverance of all those who completed it. You're much tougher than me. Congratulations to everyone who finished in very challenging conditions.
Next up is Wasa Olympic Triathlon on June 12. My procrastination is getting the better of me these days as Wasa is the only race I've signed up for....
Ciao, Cindy

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