Sunday, September 4, 2011

A new race format that I'm sure will be a hit!

I've got to talk to a patent lawyer soon...... Anyone have a name?

I've had another solid week of training in preparation for getting back into the mix in mid-Sept with Talisman Tri Club. I've been on my bike, swimming and running - all more than once this week. (oops - I did miss Thurs swim b/c I overslept during my nap after work.) I've even done some combined workouts. Which brings me to my next brainstorm!

Pauline and I made a date for a run and bike this morning. I wanted to run first b/c I'm not always too motivated to continue onto a run after a bike. How the heck did I get into triathlons? I digress..... I don't like to eat much prior to a run and I prefer to run first thing in am.... (fewer stomach issues). So we go out on our epic 45 minute run - at a steady pace, which makes it epic in my books.

Finish the run, wash the hands, decide we're quite hungry and we are, after all, looking at an uphill start to our bike. So out come the eggs, veggies, frying pan and I'm off to the races to make a yummie frittata/omelette thing. Toss that down with a glass of milk and we're ready to roll.

What a novel idea - change all race formats to include a sit down meal in b/w disciplines. I think we're onto something. We both had an outstanding bike this morning with glorious weather that we were overdressed for. Since we started in Inglewood it really was uphill to get to Springbank Rd, so I wasn't fibbing. Good warmup to get to Edworthy and the climbing continued. I even added an extra hill to justify my breakfast. I didn't swim after, but felt the possibility was there.

So, I'll see how this goes. Tomorrow planning a swim, then bike again. We'll see what kind of meal I'll have b/w the workouts..... I can't deny myself a bike ride when the weather is so wonderful. I know before long we'll be inside, so gotta take advantage of it now!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the Ironman Canada starters and finishers I have the pleasure of knowing - Cathy, Gerald, Jon, Kevin, Colleen, Christine, Ang, Ari, Mike, James, Brad, Faizel, Andrea, Ted, Laren, Rick, Dan, and David. It was a tough day in the weather department and I know some people went in injured, but everyone did so well. Good job!!

Ciao, Cindy

(see you in the fall - with my new "kit" - hope it makes me faster!!)

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