Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Grateful.....

First, a confession....
This is sort of a repeat blog b/c I accidentally deleted the original blog. Yes, my most *excellent* computer skills continue.

I was initially upset with my performance at the Subaru Victoria Half Ironman on June 17.  I had self doubt welling up inside of me when I arrived in Victoria and drove the bike course - I may not make the bike cutoff, this course has no significant downhills or flats, I may be in trouble.  The nerves followed me all the way to the start line race morning - a very windy day = choppy swim, with leaky goggles, which leads onto a windy bike course.  Self talk continues on the negative side, this is not good!

When I got out on the bike, I went by a church with a billboard inviting the "flock" to share what you're grateful for prior to the service that morning.  With no time to stop (although I seriously considered it) I thought this was something I could do to rethink this race, b/c I really wasn't in a great head space.

And that's exactly what I did.

I'm grateful for so many things in my life....
A co-worker reminded me, "I was one of the 2% of the population who has ever completed a triathlon", when we had a discussion about "what we did on our summer vacations".
I shouldn't feel disappointed in finishing 2nd last when 11 people didn't finish that particular race.
I actually liked the run!! It was on a hard packed dirt trail around the Elk Lake x 2.  Beautiful trail, no significant hills, in the big trees and shady.
I still maintained my personal record of always completing a race.
I have a great group of fellow athletes to train and race with.  Jon and Felix did amazingly well. Jon had a PB and Felix met his goal on his first half. Congratulations guys.
I have a very fast red bike that I love to ride; along with my road bike and mountain bike, and 1 more bike for India.
I'm still growing and learning and enjoying the challenge of trying to get a personal best!
I got to see Brent McMahon, (2012 Olympian with Simon Whitfield and Kyle Jones) b/c he was on a relay team here. Man he's not much taller than I am, but he's a skinny little guy, perhaps that's why he's such a fast runner?
I'm still learning new skills on and off the training field - I'm loving my forays into mountain biking and I'm enjoying the diversity of my new job.

I could've hung up my race belt if I'd chosen to do Chinook Half instead of Victoria - there were only 2 other women in my age group - I would've been on the PODIUM!!  

Next up, Banff Gran Fondo!!

Ciao, Cindy

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