Saturday, July 27, 2013

I Have Returned....

WOW, close to a year since my last blog.....

A lot ....or not much has happened since then, depends on how you look at it. The fall turned into winter and the loss of 3 kind souls/friends in October and November had me very depressed by Christmas.  Lost a young (37) co-worker to her 3rd recurrence of breast cancer, my friend lost her son to suicide, and my best friend's dad was diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer - diagnosis to death was 12 days.  Depression sucks.  On the road to recovery with great support from family and friends.

A Top 10 List to get up to speed:
  1. I continued training through the fall, had a quiet Christmas holiday with family - which helped immensely with my mental health.  Returned to training in January along with the trauma of turning forthy nine in January - not sure how I feel about that (oh wait, I was traumatized).  ..."27" seems to still want to fit.
  2. Signed up with running coach, Llew Edwards, in January through the Talisman.  Wonder if Llew was warned about Cathy and I??  Llew's amazing and focuses on run technique which I'm really enjoying, but he's obsessed with core, core and just a little bit more CORE....
  3. Experienced biathlon at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  It was so much fun - I had never shot a gun before!  The gun I got to use belongs to a former Olympian, had a custom paint job, and had been to the Olympics twice!  I bought myself some cross country skis this year and got out on them a couple of times - something else I'm slow at.
  4. 2 weeks in Mallorca, Spain for Tri-Club Camp in May!!  Beautiful rides, warm weather, great resort and getting sick (boooo) in the middle.  Decided I might be more of a "bike tourist" than a "camp geek", since riding yourself into the ground for 2 weeks looking at the bum in front of you in the  pace line was trying....
  5. Wasa sprint was first race in June.  I had a 5 minute PB (which included a potty break in T2).  Very happy with my run - thanks Llew!
  6. Detour due to the crazy floods in June. Talisman pools are out of commission.  Fear not triathletes - Lake Bonavista is our temporary home for swimming, compliments of one of our members - thanks Faizel.
  7. First Mountain Bike Race ever - 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Canmore Nordic Centre!!  Obviously the dream of a "27" year old....  I was on a corporate team with my brother and nephew and 5 others, so only had to do 1 lap, at night - it wasn't pretty.  I have more bruises from that one lap than all bruises combined from last year.  I love my bike helmut.
  8. Get to volunteer and witness many fellow triathletes complete the Calgary 70.3 tomorrow - some for the first time and others with repeat performances.  Good luck everyone!!
  9. Next up for me - Lake Chaparral Sprint Triathlon.
  10. AND.... the big question - Who's going to come out on top tomorrow - Jon or Grant??  Waiting with baited breath as I'm so impressed by both of them!!  Good luck guys.
Happy training,
Ciao Cindy

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