Saturday, March 29, 2014

Is this a sign?

Some days are better than others.  We all have those crazy days when we wonder what was the point?

  • Monday PM - bag ready to go as I'm going to have a long workout and Physio on Tues.  Plan to w/o in am, then Physio after work.  Even have my breakfast ready to go in the fridge.
  • Tues morning - get up, feeling relatively rested, ready to go out the door --> glance at clock 3:22 AM! WTF?  Not so proficient at managing alarm clock - set alarm correctly, but changed the time in doing so.
  • Back to bed - reset time and still aim to get in w/o before work.
  • Wake up - 8AM! WTF? Forgot to turn alarm on after fixing time.
  • Whatever, hour late for work, long evening ahead --> physio, then workout....
  • Physio uneventful, but always helpful.
  • Back to gym - ready for 30 min swim, 1:20 min water run.
  • Go home, have dinner, in bed by 9:00 PM.
  • .... and so it goes.
Happy training
Ciao, Cindy

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