Thursday, July 31, 2014

NO, you can't have my SEAT!!

My training continues to tick along.  Elmar posted a work out for Wed - hill repeats at Edworthy that he would also try to attend.  Hmmm, this could be good or not so good, but I thought I'd better take advantage of the individual attention!!

Got to Edworthy at agreed upon time and there he was at the top of the hill on my first of 8 repeats.  I'm really bad for getting the details of a work out correct.  I knew I had 8 repeats, but didn't look too closely at the details.  I know the last time I did hill repeats I killed the first 3 and fell apart on the last 3. I think he may have taken that into account and thought some supervision was in order??

Off I go - up and down, up and down.... I'm supposed to stay in an easy gear and stand for the whole hill. Now this isn't a long hill (1km), but it's steep, by my definition.  What the?  stand for the whole thing? And he's beside me the whole time.  Crap that's hard and I don't really do that well. He may have been speaking forcefully at me (I tell him he's not allowed to yell at me!) telling me to stand up as I was sitting, gasping for air, but still moving and fumbling with gears.

Then it got interesting - he threatened to take my seat, so I'd have to stand up and add 2 more repeats!! (I may have boasted that I am capable of 10 repeats).  Crap, it's not like I can out ride him to get away - would he really take my seat?  Up and down, he may have yelled at me - still threatening to take my seat.  Then he got sidetracked by his cycling teammates that were getting ready for their Wed group ride.  This was my chance to escape -  he left me on my own for the downhill.  He caught up to me and I chose to stick it out and did the last of 3 "standing" repeats.  Wasn't 100%, but he agreed it was the best of the 3.  I kept my seat.....

So there's the new measure - can I get to the top of Edworthy without sitting?

Had a great time volunteering at 70.3 Calgary this weekend.  So many great performances - it was a pleasure offering support to all the athletes at our Talisman Tri Club aid station.  Congratulations to everyone!!

Happy training - Ciao, Cindy

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