Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's Getting Close to Go Time

Officially 2 weeks out from Ironman Arizona......

I'm feeling ready and excited!!

It's been a great year of training with lots of ups and downs.  Started out with a few glitches that a change in coach took care of.  This lead to some running issues that set me back a couple of months - cue up the water running and elliptical, but then a new Sports Med Clinic at COP with no waiting list was a gift.  I proceeded to get an injection of Durolane in my arthritic knee which was very successful in managing the pain and a gradual return to running without pain.  My bike went through a pretty good overhaul with no residual issues and continues to be my faithful partner.  Swimming has been hit and miss due to some neck issues.

Wow, that paragraph doesn't make this sound fun at all!!  But it really has been a work in progress. And it's actually one of the reasons I like triathlon - if something is broken you can still train something else.  That and the fact it's all in a straight line and less stressful on my knee?

I was so looking forward to a 3 month cycling trip to India at the beginning of my 50th year, but when the stars didn't align for that one, I still felt I needed a significant physical challenge.  I may have taken on more than I bargained for, but I have been consistent in my training and I've got a great team behind me: Coach - Elmar Heger, Physio - Dave Holmes, Massage Therapist - Christine Leslie and all  my training partners - we have shared many long rides together, compared notes in the locker room and supported each other along our journey to the start line.  I may be the weakest link in this group, but I've put in my time and will do my best to complete my race and here "Cindy Pittman - you are an Ironman" before midnight on Nov 16.

I know I have lots of family and friends rooting for me and I'm looking forward to racing with my training partners and having Alan and Pauline, Jen and Heather their for support.  There will be a crew from the Talisman Tri Club on hand too, and it will be so exciting to see them on the race course - perhaps someone will have packed a cattle prod to keep me moving?!

My race number if you're interested in following on race day is 1607.


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