Sunday, November 6, 2016

Temp Check


I have some bike routes that I could probably do in my sleep as they are very familiar.
Today was one of them and I was fortunate to ride outside as the wind wasn't blasting from the north at 50 km/hr.  It was a tad chilly, but I was happy to be out.  Missed my usual Sat ride to due to my confusion on when we were celebrating my Dad's birthday, so completed an outside ride today instead.

I rode from my house to hwy 22 and back via Springbank Rd - 75 km round trip.  I completed this same ride in Sept this year shortly after I decided to sign-up for the Hippie Trail with TDA Cycling.

Some observations from today - the 1 km kick up Edworthy hill was doable today and I didn't come close to falling over b/c I was able to keep my cadence up - yay progress!
The last roller back into Calgary on Springbank Rd can be daunting as you approach it and think you're going to die on this hill (Sept) when I actually had to stop at the top, get off my bike and rest for a couple of minutes vs. today - plough up, albeit slowly, carry on to the finish (home), no stopping.

Tried a pair of clip on tri-bars on my Kona Sutra today, but I didn't really like them.  An experiment for India - thinking a change of position may be beneficial from my regular handlebars.  I think being able to go into my drops should be enough.  These tri-bars don't have a lot of adjustment, so may try them a couple more times and then make the final decision.  Also need to consider it may be more important to be able to mount a handlebar bag than have tri-bars.  Since I'm figuring a potential extra few hundred kms due to being lost and backtracking in India, the handlebar bag to hold my daily trip sheet to refer to at a glance may be the more important priority.

Ciao, happy training

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