Saturday, August 7, 2010



Relaxing by the pool, Mojito in hand, blue sky, sun shining..... (Oh, don't I wish)

I have been relaxing this last week since I completed my 2nd Half Ironman in Calgary (Viterra 70.3) on Aug. 1. I had a great race, although I didn't quite make my goal of 1.5 hours faster than last year - I was 57 minutes faster than last year. I can live with that.

My "Top 10" list of improvements:
  1. I liked the change in start time/swim wave this year. My swim went well in calm waters and I relaxed into a steady rhythm.
  2. I took a surprising 4 minutes off my swim = 39:24.
  3. I was much more consistant on the hills on the bike and transitioning from downhill -> uphill.
  4. I missed the tailwind from last year, but was even happier to not have to deal with a headwind instead!
  5. I nailed my nutrition on the bike and didn't have to stop at any of the aide stations.
  6. I gained 18 minutes on the bike = 3:25:01.
  7. My legs were pretty solid coming off the bike -> run; I maintained my intervals of 9 minute run, 1 minute walk and carried my nutrition with me. 3:08:54 = 35 minutes faster than last year.
  8. Didn't have to deal with constant leg cramps, but I did get caught at km 15 with leg cramps as I forgot to keep up with my electrolytes. Had to walk km 15 -> 16 as a result.
  9. I was able to keep a positive attitude, especially on the run, b/c I watched all the people I passed on the bike pass me on the run, with words of encouragement. The volunteers were great!
  10. I finished strong and was able to run across the finish line = 7:26:05 (57 minutes faster than 2009).

With every success comes "lessons learned" to improve on the next challenge....

  1. I need to push myself harder on the swim.
  2. I need to keep working on hills on my bike - 3:15 would be a better time.
  3. 200 Watts on the bike this year!
  4. I need to run faster! My run time needs to match my swim and bike efforts (ie: another hour faster on the run).
  5. I need to improve my efficiency on the run - is there a run coach in my future?
  6. According to "others", 7+ minutes in T1 is still excessive. Can I help it if I need dry feet in my socks/shoes? (T2 was a little better.)
  7. Continue to try to lose weight - this will make ALL of it easier.
  8. Continue to encourage others and feed off this positive energy.
  9. With steady improvements on form/technique, perhaps the need for Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy will decrease. This will allow more money for races!
  10. Continue to love the training. (I think I've got this one).

I also want to say I was in awe of Jon and Grant. They had amazing finishes. I wish I could've seen their race (I was a bit busy) - congratulations to both of you and good luck in Kelowna!

Next up - cheer on the people I know heading into Ironman Canada at the end of August.

Ciao, Cindy

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