Thursday, July 29, 2010


Thank you for Physios (Dave Holmes at Tower Physio) and Massage Therapists (Christine Leslie at Chiropractic Performance and Sport Centre).

First "hiccup" after my long run on July 18.....
Pauline and I did an 18 km run, all was going well (10 min run, 1 min walk intervals) until the last 1.5 km. Then my right hip started to ache. I thought - "Oh, you're just tired and we're almost done anyway."

Next day, not so happy body. Had a massage booked and thought, that'll be the ticket to settle things down. Major muscle spasm, even after massage. OK, I think it may be more than soft tissue if massage isn't settling things down. Panic call to Tower Physio and I was able to get in to see Dave. Diagnosis => likely irritated and inflamed hip joint, there's hope for me and I think Dave saw the terror in my eyes. My race is in 10 days!!

More physio and massage treatments (not on the same day though) and I feel ready. Hip is settling down, water running this week, swimming as usual, and biking is OK. I'm confidant I'll be "race ready" on Sunday.

Second "hiccup". Check the "final" athlete's list for the 70.3. Hmmm, my name's not there? Check the old Visa statement as I'm positive I registered in January. Nope, no charge on my Visa either. OK then, get out the Visa and register for the 70.3. WHEW!!! I have a confirmation email, so I assume I'm in. Had an email today from the Race Director - late registration so no package pickup until Friday. Better late than never. What would I have done if I went and no package for me? Who cares?! I'm in.

Good luck everyone - think good karma thoughts for me and my hip...

Cheers, Cindy

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