Friday, December 31, 2010

"I'm up and I'm down, I'm in and I'm out"......

.... Is it bad to quote Katy Perry in a tri blog? Or does it just show I don't necessarily have great taste in music? I do give Jon and Paul endless hard times in their music choices during spin classes. You need the right song though.... It can't all be about "Barbara Streisand", as Jon accused me of having on my iPod. I quickly corrected Jon - I don't have an iPod, or an MP3, or a cell phone, or a computer. I have a digital camera now, but usually can't get it to download onto my borrowed computer.... Oh, oh, I must confess - I recieved an iPod Nano for Christmas from my Dad - thanks Dad. I still have to set it up - I'm going to download Barbara's entire music catalogue. I've decided I will be buying a computer too; an Apple something or other and by the end of Jan.

Up and down - end of term bike time trials -> disappointing not just once, but twice in December (ETS & tri club bike classes). I usually seem to peak in Dec with my time trials, but not this year. I don't think I missed a class the whole session, but I didn't perform when I needed to. This brings me down. Improved a little on my 500 m swim time trial (10 seconds) - I'll take it! Still not great but at least moving in the right direction.

I need to stay positive since I had lots of rest over Christmas as it was very quiet and spent with friends this year. We celebrated with family early b/c my Dad and his wife were out of town with Lise's family this year. Logan, Gavin and Kirby (Gav's girlfriend) really liked the housecoats I made for them this year. Haven't heard from the little ones about pj's, I'll assume they were OK. But really, what little kid gets excited about clothing under the Christmas tree anyway. I think I get more satisfaction creating the pj's.

I'm "in and out" of sync with my body... Some days lots of energy and ambition, other days not so much. And this is still "the middle" in the big scheme of training for a summer race season. I'm trying not to get too wound up about training and what I'm doing overall. I'm a little undecided about my tentative race schedule at this point. I'll probably complete the Police 1/2 Marathon in May; I'm definitely doing Wasa tri, and the new Grandfondo ride in Penticton - Axel Merckx (158 km); but now I'm undecided about which 1/2 Ironman race I should complete.....

I'm starting the new year on a good note though - in spite of a stupid sinus infection/cold, I participated in the 5 km run/walk Running Room Resolution Run tonight. I walked it b/c my head was going to explode if I tried running. I had the pleasure of walking with my friend, Carol, and Digby, (the dog). This was Carol's first foray into an organized race and I'm thrilled that she finished with a smile on her face!! Glad I was able to share the triumph with her. I thought this was the one run I'd beat Alan though b/c he's had a sore foot. Dang, I missed my opportunity.

I must try to stay "up" and "in" (sync) as I head into the new year. It has ended on an "up" note with the Resolution Run and so I will carry that momentum forward with me into 2011....

Happy New Year!

Ciao, Cindy

(Anyone have a kleenex? I like the ones with aloe in them - so soft for my sore nose)

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