Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cindy vs "The Computer" (and back to training) Part I

Monday 2:00 pm
Oh my, it never ends in my UN-technological world. OK, I finally bought a computer (and printer b/c they had a deal for a rebate for the total cost if you bought it at the same time), but I had all of it a little over 24 hours, at which point, I brought it back to the Apple Store.

My wireless router got me to step 2 after I plugged the computer in, then I came to my first impasse.... The Apple phone # people told me it was a router issue, not an Apple issue. The Belkin (router) people were sympathetic, but not only did I not know my "password", I was missing a freakin' cable. How is it wireless if you need cables? I'm not buying anymore crap and will attempt to borrow a cable to make my computer "wireless". Am I the only one to see the irony in this?

Monday 6:30 pm
OK, de-stress and head to ETS bike class, aaahhhh, I feel a little better.
I ignore the boxes and go to bed.

Tuesday 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Drop bike off at Speed Theory for full tune-up.
This is when I attempted to return the Apple, a perfect solution, unless they send someone to my house to get the stupid thing sorted. Oh no, just make an appointment and bring the computer in and they'll be happy to help me. Well I have everything right here with me, in my granny wagon, that I've just tromped through the mall with. Book an appointment over the internet...... Well, I don't have the internet do I, b/c I lost the password to the router, and that's why I need someone to come to my house to set the damn thing up! I may have shed ONE tear in frustration when I got home.

Head to the gym - run and swim..... thank God for training.

Wed 8:00 am
Pauline emails me how to "reset the router".

Wed 6:00 pm
Success! I have reset the router. I have taken the computer out of the box and plugged it back in. I just kept clicking "tell me later" until all the little icons appear across the bottom of the screen. While unpacking the box I found a black folder in the black box with little book inside (all you need to know about your mac). Reeaaally, a black folder in a black box, all matt so as not to be obvious?
I have internet, but no router, and so I don't believe I have a secure connection since my internet server is in the condo building and part of our condo fees. Hence, the need for the router and some security....

Thurs 12:00 (noon)
Email Logan to get Garrett's email or phone # to beg a "home visit" since he also owns a Mac.
Have email at home for now and some access to the internet.

Thurs 8:00 pm
Am almost finished reading the "book", but I put it down to zone out on the TV. Too cold to go to the gym! Get up courage to call Garrett. He's available Sun at 1:00 PM.

Friday 4:30 pm
Head to Speed Theory to pick up my very fast red bike b/c Cam has just completed a tune-up for me (free in the first year, as part of the purchase!) Adam also had a look at me on my bike b/c he noticed I had a bad pattern of wear on my tri bars. So he adjusted those for me too! Thanks Cam and Adam. I have this cool little link thing on my chain now too that lets me release the chain to clean it off the bike. I can clean my bike, but not so good with technology....
Fridays are gym free for me.

Sat 9:00 -11:00 am
Bike class - hurts so good!! I think Jack should have done a "pre" and "post" workout photo of us for Triathlon Magazine to show how legitimate (and sweaty) we are!

Stay tuned for an update next week.
My co-worker, Lora, has also listened patiently to my tale of woe and has offered her son as Plan B, in case Garrett can't help me. I've shed no more tears and think I may have a computer that works, a printer that works and an iPOD that works tomorrow!! Yippee
(I realize this post is quite pathetic, but again, training just picks me up and makes me feel good again - aaahhhh!!)

Ciao, Cindy

(Sat pm - pray to computer gods.....)

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