Monday, January 24, 2011

Cindy vs. "The Computer" Part Deux

Oh joy, oh joy, I win!!! I'm the smartest computer user ever!
HA, that's a stretch to say the least, however, I am the proud user of a new Apple Mac Book Pro laptop. I have to say thanks to Garrett for setting things up, including gifting me another cable, to allow a secure connection after resetting the router. Everything seems to be OK - YEAH!

I had a good bike time trial last week in my ETS bike class with Jack. It wasn't a PB, but it was acceptable, as only 5 W off my PB from last year and an improvement from Oct. 2010. I love training. I totally psyched myself out with my time trial though. Had a little nap last Monday, prior to my bike class at 6:30 pm, knowing it was time trial night. Woke up on the sofa at 6:30 pm - totally missed the class. OK, try to redeem myself and attend Wed ETS class instead. Thank you Jack for letting me in.... I was very happy with my performance, still lots of room to improve, but definitely a great way to start off the year.

Things are going to be really busy this term at Tri Club I have Tues & Thurs pm swim/run, Sat am bike and ETS bike on Mon. Pauline and I picked up our long Sunday run again this week. The weather has improved immensely from -25'C to +3'C. I thought I was going to get eaten by a dog at one point - I don't think I noticed his tail wagging, just that he was running at us and I freaked out. Yeah, I'm a big chicken with big dogs.... At work if I'm going to a new house to see someone I'm usually pretty good at giving the person a head's up prior to my visit and I always have my big bag with me to run interference b/w me and the dog at the door. Not so lucky on the pathways.

Since I'm so confident with my new computer, I'm going to try to track my workouts with my Garmin 305 Forerunner online. I'll use it mostly for my running, but I'll try to keep track of my biking too as I use my bike computer during bike classes on the trainer too. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure there's an "app" for that if I look.

Onward into the new year. First event of the season will be the Police Half Marathon on April 27, 2011. Still trying to finalize the rest of my races in regard to Olympic and 1/2 Ironman distances.

Happy training, Grant I have my new runners all ready to go....

Ciao, Cindy

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