Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cross training is FUN

Had a great day of cross training last Sunday. Alan, Pauline, Digby (the dog) and I spent a great afternoon in Peter Lougheed Park snowshoeing into Chester Lake off Hwy 742. It wasn't super long trail, 3.5 km, but with the sunshine and a climb in, it was 1:40 in and 1:05 out. Stopped and had a snack at the lake. Beautiful, sunny day, and a tolerable temperature compared to what we've been experiencing here in Calgary. We met a fair number of people heading in as we were coming out, so we definitely timed it well....

I forget all the fun things to do in the winter when I'm always in the city. I love that there was lots snow and it was soft, no icy sections, not even crusty on the sides of the trail! A well marked trail is always helpful, but I rely heavily on Alan and Pauline in that regard. (My sense of direction is right on par with my "technical computer" skills ;p).

After snowshoeing we carried on to Canmore with a stop for coffee/hot chocolate at Mt. Engadine Lodge. We were too early for afternoon tea, but it's a beautiful location. Another time.... So a great day to be out and so much more fun than a run on the track at the Talisman.

Cheers and happy training, Cindy

(ps - my running continues to improve - yay!!)

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