Saturday, February 12, 2011


I'm not even joking, really.
I've had a bumpy start to my swim/run class with Grant.

First week - sea sick in the pool, what was that about? I was able to participate in the run portion of the class, but had to shorten my swim. No one wants to swim in a pukey pool... Eeewww gross.
Week 2 - leg cramps in the pool that followed me onto the track, while still "learning" my ABC's. Man, I can't seem to get through a whole class without something cramping up.
Week 3 - Success! I swam the whole swim without leg cramps after 1:15:00 in the pool. Then I got through the run too, without anything seizing up on me! YAY - best workout ever!

I think nutrition is playing a part in this.... I try to get enough to drink throughout the day (1 L water bottle during the day, in addition to: breakfast - milk & water, lunch - 2 glasses water). I'm addicted to blue Gatorade, although I do make it from powder, so it's diluted compared to bottled that you buy. I try to follow Kelly's advise - if the workout is less than 1 hour you only need water. Thank goodness all my scheduled workouts are 2 hours, I'd be in withdrawal. I'm thinking it's partly the food I'm eating prior to these evening workouts. I've now pared it down to just a yogurt and 1/2 banana.

My legs are fine with my bike classes, but I think it's because my "form" on the bike is not as big an issue as it is for me in the swim, and especially the run. My run mechanics are improving (I hope) but I really have to concentrate to use my gluts, not my calf muscles when I'm running. I've reinstated my "glut med" exercise again to keep me focused on where the power needs to come from. This is from Dave Holmes at Tower Physio and his Cycling Physio website. And you can never under estimate the value of ice post workout on your sore bits. I had my ACL reconstruction in 2004 and still have the same 2 bags of "peas for my knees" in the freezer that I use regularly, especially after my long runs.

Next on my agenda - conquer the iPod nano (I'm up to 18 songs on it at the moment and it only involved 2 phone calls to Apple support + Garrett's help so far). Also sign up for some races in summer 2011. Onward!!

Ciao, Cindy

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