Sunday, May 29, 2011

Everybody's Racing!!

Race season has arrived!

My friend and running partner, Pauline, completed her 1st Marathon in Calgary, May 29, 2011!! Congratulations on a strong finish right on your time goal. Outstanding. I had a great day biking/stalking her on the course with Alan, along with our signs and a cow bell. Saw lots of people I knew - great work everyone. Congratulations on your efforts today.

Grant and Jon competed in their 1st ITU Pan American Cup race May 29, 2011 in Ixtapa, Mexico.
Unfortunately Jon crashed on the bike course and was unable to finish due to an injury. Grant placed 22nd overall.
Welcome to the season guys. That's one race in the bucket, more to come....

I had a great ride on Sat out to Cochrane with some Tri Club friends on Sat. We took the back roads and did a little "hike and bike" along the way when a road was submerged - even the giant speed bump in the middle was underwater. A bit windy, but NO RAIN, so a good ride overall. Love that Cochrane hill....

Grant's coaching and "the running gods" have been smiling upon me lately. I had my fastest 10 km ever last Sunday and a short route from Talisman over to Glencoe Club to do the stairs has become significantly faster for me. YAY! I'm hoping that this good work follows me to Wasa on June 12 - my first race of the season.

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