Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great Ride to Highwood Pass

One of my goals for this riding season is to try to ride a different route most weekends. So far 2 for 2. There's absolutely nothing wrong with riding out to Bragg Creek, and the Cinnamon Spoon is very accommodating and cycle friendly, but variety is good too.

Our group gained 1 this week. We were 4 instead of 3. One person had to work, but we'll still let her come next time ;)
What a perfect day for a ride - sunshine, good company, and 50 km uphill in a headwind => 50 km home in a tailwind! Thank goodness, or I might still be out their. I think we had 1 flat, but that got sorted and we carried on. I still struggle on uphills - I just try to keep my cadence at ~90 rpm and spare my knees, but I'm getting so much better on carrying my speed on the downhill -> uphill transition. I will persevere. Glad we went out even though we weren't able to climb the pass. There were lots of people out and about, some people were carrying on up Highwood Pass from the gate, but we decided 100km would be enough for the day. I assume they were going as far as they could b/c many were on road bikes. That's a great ride, with beautiful scenery, although the only wildlife I saw this year was a marmot....

Next on the agenda is Wasa Olympic Triathlon in BC next Sunday. I want to do well, but must confess, training has been a bit lackadaisical of late. I've got to toughen up and get on with it! Good luck to everyone next weekend. I will enjoy the experience b/c this is a fun and well run race, although I'm a bit nervous of the bike course this year as they've changed it due to road construction....
Ciao, Cindy

Now I need to nurse my sunburnt arms - so many things to organize - arm warmers/no arm warmers, suntan lotion even if you're wearing arm/leg warmers?

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