Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How could this happen......

Well, it happened pretty easily, didn't take much effort at all, and hopefully won't be repeated.

I completed the Olympic distance triathlon at Lake Chaparral on Sunday, Aug. 7 - perfect weather, the lake was warm, no significant wind. I, however, was not in "peak" form! I have a million excuses, but the only thing that would have changed the outcome was training. Admittedly, I've taken it pretty easy this summer. I did OK at Wasa, had a personal best, but expected more from myself. Chaparral - not so pretty. Three weeks of vacation prior, without any significant training showed - and made me say "My worst race ever, and I hate f*%$#ing running!" But I still love my very fast red bike, just the motor needs work!

I like to think every race provides opportunities to learn.....
My nutrition continues to improve: I don't have post race muscle spasms in my legs much anymore since I switched 1 bottle from water to electrolytes (minimal calories) on the bike and just electrolytes on the run. I still have my 2nd bike bottle with Gatorade (mmmm, sugar).
Consistency must be maintained to perform. I'm always amazed how quickly fitness/endurance slides if you don't train consistently.
Biking is still my favourite part of triathlons. I want more bikes - a cross bike, a road bike, a bike box for travel. This list could go on forever.
I also saw the 70.3 in Calgary from the other side this year - as a volunteer. It was so cool to see all the pros finish. But I think it was even better to see the people I know and also train with perform successfully. Congratulations to all who finished - you're all superstars in my eyes. Inspires me to get back on the horse and commit myself again.

I did have other summer highlights with my friend visiting from Sweden for 3 weeks. She is very well travelled and I was quite proud when she told me just before heading home that she had many "firsts" on this trip - Stampede (parade, rodeo, grandstand show), Tyrell Museum and Drumheller Valley, Banff & Lake Louise for hiking, biking, bears and photos, and decent weather!

So the fall will see me back at the Talisman with the Triclub. I will not give up on running.

Can't wait to see how my training buddies do at Ironman Canada!! Good luck to all of you - I'll be watching with anticipation and excitement. You're all going to do amazingly well b/c I've witnessed your commitment, consistency and hard work.....

Ciao, Cindy

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