Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wasa Race Report

Mulling over my performance at Wasa for the past week. Looking for the positive b/c I inevitably get caught up on my run performance....I really like the Wasa Lake Triathlon - used to be b/c the race is a flat course. BUT not this year. In retrospect, I think I liked this bike course better! Who ever thought I'd say that about hills that I had to go UP!

Had a quick trip this year with going out Sat am and returning to Calgary on Sun pm. Traveled with Gerald, Linda, & Miriam, who made a great car pool partner. We had a good laugh on arrival when we thought we were booked into the cabin (sleeps 8) and ended up in a small'sih room with a double and single bed for 4 of us. Someone mixed up the dates, but it all came out in the wash.

We all went for a swim shortly after arrival to test our wetsuits - I have a new one and I was able to squeeze myself into it and still breathe, whew. The water was a very tolerable temp, although Linda wasn't sure and decided to keep her flip flops on for her swim. We had to break the news to her that it would be a no-no on race day. Then off to Cranbrook for the pre-race meeting. This is my 4th race at Wasa and the 1st one that the race meeting started on time - thanks Charlie!
Then it was my turn to add to the adventure of our weekend. Miriam and I headed back to Wasa and eventually I said, hmmm, I think I took a wrong turn b/c the countryside is quite different than I remember. Sure enough, it only took me 40 km (Cranbrook -> Wasa = 34 km) to realize this. Jaffre is a quaint little village on the way to Fernie; with a friendly guy at the coffee shop to give directions. We took another scenic route back to Wasa and did get their after an 80'ish km detour. At least it was early. No one believed me when I tried to tell them Charlie asked us to scout a new bike course for next year.

Race morning was quite relaxed. I try not to get too hyped up pre race and was happy to see so many familiar faces from Talisman Triclub and others that I recognize/know. I did make 2 changes this year - both after listening to Felix describe his viewing of himself at a triathlon and commenting on how long he fiddled with gloves in transition - both on and off. He also said he puts baby powder in his socks to allow them to slip on/off with wet feet. So - he shared his baby powder with me and my socks and I didn't bother with gloves on the bike. I'm positive I had a reasonable transition for the 1st time ever! Thanks Felix!

My swim was mediocre.... I did "steal some water" on the way, but then felt guilty and passed the person I was stealing from. Tried it a few other times for short distances. My swim was on the slow side, but I got going quickly on the bike . I even passed people on the UPHILL! This was definitely the highlight of my race. There were 3 girls I was back and forth with on the bike - I pass downhill, they pass uphill. Jumped off the bike very happy and thought - I'm putting it in "Pauline gear" - steady and consistant for the 10km. I didn't want to stress about my pace, just try to stay steady. I had my most consistant race run ever - walked briefly (like ~15 sec or less) for aide stations to drink and then kept running. I've been trying to push myself for the last 2 km of all my training runs, but I didn't have enough energy for the last 2 km during the race.

I did end up with a PB!! I did decide no 1/2 Ironman for me this year. The hardest part of the race for me was how many people passed me on the run - I find it quite demoralizing, but just keep moving. I do feel I run more efficiently now that I've been in Grant's swim/run class, and a pottie stop adds sooo much time.... (Thank goodness Pauline and Carol were home!) I compared my bike time from Wasa 2009 (flat course) and I was faster this year on my Argon 18 on a harder course. I think the swim was about the same (extrapolated my time + 250m more) b/c 2009 was when they shorted the swim course. My run was only 1 minute faster (Unfortunately I can't subtract my pottie break...), which I was surprised about. All in all a good race. Always a similar conclusion - get better on the run.

Big congratulations to Grant for finishing 1st!! I think the consensus was a successful race for everyone - I think the majority of racers I knew had great races (Miriam - continuous run! Kim - super fast sub 3hr! Hillary - 1st tri and on the podium!). Congratulations to all the finishers and good luck on the next one..... I need to pick a "next one". Maybe Coral Springs in July and Lk Chaparral in August?

Ciao, Cindy

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  1. Congrats cindy! If you decide on Coral springs, I am thinking the same one. May be we can go on the bike ride on the weekend.
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