Friday, November 11, 2011

Run Light, Run Heavy

I have written ad nauseum about my lack of running prowess....
I think I have to say that compared to where I was, where I am now is lighter. If I look at my start in triathlon in 2005 this applies to my physical weight (that still has a lot of room for improvement) and in my ability to run.

I've had a really positive start to winter training this year. I'm still with the Talisman Tri Club/ETS. I love that I can train everything under one roof and free parking! I'm taking a swim/run class (Tues), an ETS bike class (Thurs), and Sat bike class (my fav), plus workouts on my own (I try for a total of 5/week). I completed a pretty solid bike time trial for this time of year. Then a surprisingly successful 1 km run time trial and a 15 min run time trial on the track. Last, but not least, a personal best 500 m swim time trial! I haven't seen an improvement in my 500 m time in ~1.5 years. I finally broke through with a new PB. I'm so happy with this!

I've learnt some great lessons in regard to consistency, intensity, and recovery this past season. And... if you don't train, you can't perform! This was brought to the forefront with the extra training that I completed with Jon (swim camp in the spring), Jack (bike camp in the spring) and tri club. I really enjoyed the running session with Grant last Sat. The group worked on several drills and one that really made me think about how my running has changed was a "run heavy"/ "run light" drill. I felt the difference in my body position, my ability to make my legs propel my body forward and how much posture affects the effort needed to run. I definitely started out as a "heavy" runner - hunched forward, shuffling, struggling with every step. Now I feel my fatigue almost immediately in a longer run b/c I revert to that "heavy" runner. I regroup and try to get back some form and carry on.

The other thing I like about the drills Grant has taught me is how they break down your stride and each drill focuses on improving that stride to become more efficient and faster. I sure have improved with Grant's great coaching. Coaching has allowed me to get over my fear of falling on my face - although Pauline has witnessed me do this too. (In my defence I was talking and running and tripped on a root on the trail.) I think that fear of falling prevented me from letting my feet leave the ground, therefore, the "fat girl shuffle" was the order of the day. Now I can think of driving my knee forward, squeezing my gluts to get a strong push off (which has eliminated a chronic calf pull), and pumping my arms to help with all of it while keeping my body tall and engaging my core. Man, running is as complicated as swimming. It's so rewarding to see improvement. I love the technical aspects of training and learning how my body can change and improve.

So, we'll see what the year ahead brings. I'm shooting for two half ironman distance races this coming season, one early and one later. Keeps me moving through the summer and getting outdoors. Loving my new bike - Cervelo RS road bike from Speed Theory, but time on the trainer means I have to get a new saddle to keep my butt happy!!

Ciao, Cindy

HMMM, in reading Jon's latest post I was sure we signed him to an exclusivity contract on coaching us and here he is coaching in Victoria. They're lucky to have him, but I wish we still had him.

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  1. Cindy - looking forward to the 2012 season! But there will be many Saturday cycles before then. Great post.