Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Build Continues.....

My oh my, I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted anything. Sometimes life just hums along with progress, obstacles, and changes.

I've have had a lot of life changes in the last 3 months. I'm still training, but have also decided to pursue another goal in the process, still related to training. It started with a visit with my RRSP guy - I'm about to leave his office when I see his Financial Planner designation on the wall and I ask him if he can get me to India to ride my bike for 3 months with Tour d'Afrique and how can I save "x" amount of dollars on the money I'm making now?

This leads to another appointment where he shows me the math.... In my own defence, I am aware of this and have been working full time hours for a few months already. The plot thickens as I see a job posting at work that might help things along. The timing is right, I can keep my present activities - Talisman Tri-Club, save for India and buy 1 more bike (for India).... Apparently, I don't have to be old and poor and let my estate settle my debt, as has been my long term financial plan - who knew??

I applied for this new job and accepted the position as Clinical Lead for the Homecare Physiotherapists. I have only been in my new position for a month and I'm settling in slowly - my "arch nemesis" - the computer, is now where I spend most of my days.

That took up most of Feb and March. My Doc has helped me with my sleepless nights - what a relief, pre-menopause sucks! I continue to train pretty consistently, although swimming is making me crazy at the moment. I spent a great Easter weekend cycling in Penticton with 4 friends from Tri-Club, in the sunshine, almost green grass, but still in long sleeves and long pants - really enjoyed it. My biking is coming along. Kind of depressing in Penticton when it became evident how slow I am. Not to worry - 3 of my 4 buddies trained for Ironman last year and they've gained in leaps and bounds, whereas I had an easy year. That's OK, this will be my year to get going again. Running is coming along nicely and I'm adding some variety to include a progressively longer Sunday run, some hills/stairs and intervals.

And to keep me focused on my new long term goal of India and upcoming Half Ironman Victoria, I've joined Spin Sisters Mountain Biking Club. I need to be prepared for anything in India and thought this will expand my bike handling skills. We'll see how this goes. I actually have a mountain bike, but I'm sure by the end of the outdoor season this year I'll be wanting a new one.... and so it goes.

Happy trianing,
Ciao, Cindy

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