Saturday, April 28, 2012


So proud of my brother, Steve!  After 10 years of studying part time he received his degree in Justice and Corrections in Lethbridge on Friday.  Maintaining a life balance with his wife and 2 busy kids, a full time job, and taking 2 courses per semester has brought him to the finish line!!  After Convocation, family and friends went out for a lovely lunch to celebrate a great day!   I wonder if he's going to go for his Master's???  Maybe won't say say that aloud in close proximity to his wife....

In my efforts of perseverance I continue to work on my running.  I think I have to revert back to 10/1 intervals for my long runs and on race day.  I'm falling apart after an hour, so I need a new strategy to get through a half marathon....  I'll see how it goes tomorrow on my long run.  I have been steadily adding time each week, so I'm moving in the right direction.

I'm very happy with my swimming at the moment.  I finally have my "right arm back".  I bought a training snorkel to focus on my stroke and it seems to be helping - 44 seconds faster on my most recent 500 m time trial.  That's more like it...

Biking is slowly moving outside.  Brought my road bike back to Speed Matrix and Adam improved my  position further, as I finally bought a new saddle.  He also adjusted my new Sidi cycling shoes and they feel better with relief of  numb feet.  Next step, find the route to ride to work, so I can counter sitting at the computer and have a more pleasant commute.  I can't understand why Calgary cannot synchronize lights, riding will be much less aggravating than driving....

OK, happy training,

Ciao, Cindy

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