Monday, June 11, 2012

WASA Recap

Wow, 2 blogs in one week!!  The previous one was under construction for a couple of weeks and I finally finished it.

Sooooo, how cold was Wasa Lake?
(I didn't partake in Grant and Jon's swim/bike clinic b/c Ghost Lake was mentioned and it's June and it's just the start of spring run off and thanks, but no.)
As I'm yapping in the change room to fellow tri club members about how wonderful Wasa is: shallow lake, you can see the bottom for the whole swim, warm'ish water, flat sprint bike course, flat run course.  Am I now eating my words?  Well no, but these were the worst swim conditions I've ever experienced their in the 5 races I've completed.  And for the record, water temp = 13.6' C.  Made good use of my sexy neoprene bonnet.  So cold that they decreased the Olympic swim to 750 m instead of 1500 m.

My race was uneventful except when I look at my bike computer and then race results that include T1 and T2 into your bike time - all right, add on 10:30 minutes for transitions!!  Good for me!  I would not have given back a minute to be without wool socks, hat under helmut, gloves, long sleeve top and wind jacket.  All put on with numb hands and wet everything.  I didn't have a personal best, but did complete the race, always my goal.

I am in awe of all of my team mates!!  All of you did an amazing job and Talisman Tri Club had so many athletes on the podium!  Good work everyone.  A pleasure to be in your company.  Thanks to coach Ed for your race day support too.
Congratulations  also go out to Ari on his strong age group result at "Escape from Alcatraz" in San Francisco, June 10.

Congratulations to Grant for his WIN of the Wasa Olympic race.  Yeah Grant!!

Congratulations to Jon - 5th place finish at Escape From Alcatraz in San Francisco on Sun as well.  Outstanding job!!

I'm so proud to call both of you my coaches, we are lucky athletes to be recipients of your expertise.

Next up, Victoria for 1/2 Ironman on June 17 (putting a lot of faith in racing at sea level...)
I've decided to fly to Victoria since I'd otherwise need about 3 days to drive to Victoria.  I drove myself to Wasa and had to stop for a nap at Dead Man's Flats on the way.  I think that's about 45 minutes out of Calgary.... Made it all the way home without a nap!

Happy training,

Ciao, Cindy
(Do I know how to suck up to the coaches or what)

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