Friday, August 31, 2012

"Tout est fini"

Banff Gran Fondo #1.  Got the jersey; shortened course due to a grizzly and cubs (my heart was *broken*); 104 km instead of 142 km; freakin' cold early morning start; finished in expected time; felt more prepared for the hills; apparently hill repeats are beneficial. 

Fait accompli.
Oh look at me, pretending to be bilingual.  

I would recommend the Banff Gran Fondo as the scenery was beautiful and the riding -- not flat.  Didn't have quite the "fun" vibe that I experienced in the STP - Seattle to Portland Gran Fondo I completed in 2008 and it was 200 miles in 2 days. I did see an STP jacket at Banff though!!

Ironman Canada athletes that I know and train with had amazing results with huge PB's. Congratulations every one of you!!

Really enjoyed learning new skills on my mountain bike, collected many, many bruises, earning every one. Will definitely continue on with that next season.

I had a mediocre tri season this year. I did OK at Wasa, another cold day! Felt defeated after Victoria, but happy that I pushed through and finished. Now what?  Tri club doesn't start again until October. Too early to think about goals and plans for next season?

2 rides planned this weekend; running starts for me again on Sept 1st; I will not surrender!

Ciao, Cindy

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