Sunday, August 19, 2012

On and Off the Bike

Back to some mountain biking yesterday with my Spin Sisters buddy. She's very patient as I was LATE AGAIN.....  This is becoming a nasty habit and I must stop it. (Thanks for waiting for me Melissa).

We decided we needed to see some new trails and since neither of us have made it out to many of the Spin Sisters rides lately, I didn't have much to offer.  Hit up another co-worker, who does lots of riding, for information and headed out to West Bragg Creek.  After canvasing the parking lot with our map (I have no shame), we decided to try "Braggin' Rights".  Good choice.  I do believe it was Steve Walsh and his riding partner who pointed us in the right direction.  I do believe he may have been in some of the ETS classes, way back when??

The trail is one of the new ones this year in WBC.  It was a climb the first km and I really need to learn to mount and dismount from both sides of my bike.  My first fall off the mountain occurred in the first km.  Fall off, roll down hill, remove bike from on top of me, crawl back up hill with Melissa's assistance with my bike.  Ride on....  Turned out to be a great day.  Would love a new bike - full suspension? 29er? Wait, I'm saving for India.  Never mind new mountain bike, carry on.

It was a really great morning.  We were both pleased with our effort and decided, even though we didn't ride much this summer, we saw improvement in ourselves compared to our last ride at Jumping Pound Loop.  Met a guy on the trail who gave us some more pointers and we finished the loop (9km).  We are quite slow and do walk uphill a fair bit, but we get it done.  Perfect weather.  Finished off with a beverage at Cinnamon Spoon and headed home.

I headed to Bow Cycle as my gears were skipping a fair bit, especially uphill.  When I had my bike tuned at Speed Theory, Doug did say I may need to replace the cassette.  So Bow Cycle was able to do that on the spot for me!  Thanks guys.

Next up, Banff Gran Fondo Aug 25!  God, I hope the weather holds.....

Good luck to all those completing Apple Tri in Kelowna this weekend and IRONMAN CANADA next weekend.
Happy training and racing!

Ciao Cindy

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