Sunday, November 3, 2013

A New List

Should I or Shouldn't I...

....Complete an Ironman as "Happy 50th Birthday" to me?  I turn 50 in 2014.
Not all birthday's are significant, but for me this one feels like it will be.  I feel the need to celebrate it with a meaningful physical challenge.  Since my employer declined my leave of absence to go to India to ride my bike 4400 km for 10 weeks, I still want to challenge myself with something.  I haven't always been keen to complete a full Ironman, but it seems to me the universe has spoken in regard to what will be (not India).

My list of YES or NO to an Ironman

  1. I want to
  2. I have a narrow window, turning 50 and all, to complete this tangible physical challenge
  3. I've been hooked on triathlon since I completed my first race in 2005
  4. I've had successes and faiures, but have always returned to try to get better
  5. I've achieved success with training for other distances
  6. I have a great support network
  7. I have access to a superb training facility Talisman Centre
  8. I have access to knowledgable Coaching staff, which now includes Llew Edwards through the Talisman Centre
  9. I can dedicate a year of my life to this
  10. Smart training with a goal will lead to success
  11. I love my bike, I'm a good floater, and I can walk (or run) to finish a race
  12. I have the mental fortitude to complete this
  13. JUST DO IT!!
  1. Do I want to?
  2. It's a daunting task
  3. I risk failure without commitment 
  4. I'm too heavy
  5. I suck at running
  6. It will be all consuming for a year
  7. I'm at risk of injury - age isn't helping in this regard
  8. My knees are arthritic
  9. My excuses are endless....
I think the "YES" has it....
Next on the menu is to choose a race.
Stay tuned and happy training!

Ciao Cindy

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