Sunday, December 8, 2013

So ahhh.... What did you do in November?

Ironman Arizona Nov. 17, 2013 - Race Morning

I like spontaneous.
In a discussion after dinner one evening Cathy and I decided it would be cool to go and watch Tushar in Tempe, Arizona complete his first Ironman race.  He's been a training/cycling buddy for the past few years. He has been working with Grant for a couple of seasons to this end.  Flight booked, car rented, hotel booked, gained one more fan (Jane) and we were off to the race.  We also got off the volunteer wait list and were able to get a spot volunteering.  You know where this is heading....

Arrived, shopped, cheered/volunteered, saw all of our gang cross the finish line - very exciting for Mark Jones and Tushar Chitre - who both completed their first Ironman races with ecstatic, adrenaline fuelled smiles on their faces!! The 3rd early morning in a row led us to the volunteer/sign-up line up on Monday morning.  After driving up and down for an hour or so Jane and I finally made it to the line-up. Our fellow volunteers Jen, Felix and Nicki were already in line b/c they walked to the spot.  Yes, I freely admit my navigation skills suck.  It was a loonnngg line up....
Step 1 - The volunteer bracelet that gets you in the "line-up"
Standing in line I had many thoughts and feelings - I think I have a coach, I hope I have a coach, will I have a coach????  Can I do this? I want to do this! I have a year to prepare to do this. I'm not going to India, so I need to do this!!  Maybe I should just go home and quit my job and go to India.  Oh yeah - the mortgage.... I'm feeling more nauseous as we get closer to the point of "no return".  The others have been committed for a while now - they're supportive, but not pressuring me in any way (thanks guys). They keep telling me we'll be training and riding together all summer and in it together - hang on is that pressure??  Getting closer - OK fill out another card, OK go to this lineup, 1 guy in front of me - he seems to be taking forever, we're all in separate line-ups.  Oh sh*t, this is it - fight or flight - I have my credit card out,  I start giving my information, she's telling me things, I've signed the waiver they have my money (and they will not be giving it back - oh wait, I guess you get half back if you die between now and race day)....

Step 2 - The bracelet,and the card
Getting closer - inside the tent now

TAH DAH - done deal!!
L to R = Jane Wong, Jen Begg, me, Felix Rooke
.... And the road ahead has a purpose - I'm committed to a year of training, with all it's ups and downs.  Stay healthy, stay committed, stay focused, one foot in front of the other.

It's on Llew (the Coach)....

Ciao, Cindy
(can't talk now - got a workout to complete)

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