Friday, February 7, 2014

"Cindy, you're going too fast - SLOW DOWN!!"

Did I hear that correctly??
Dang this coaching switch is turning out better than I ever thought possible. I'm not going to elaborate on the context of this conversation - just savor the fact that it was actually said out loud, about ME!! (Wait - he actually admitted that he has been trying to "kill me").

My nephew is currently staying with me and we frequently have this silly exchange - "Logan, guess where I'm going?" "To the gym?" "Guess what's going to happen?" "They're going to try to  kill you?" Redundant, but slightly amusing.  So far I keep coming home - often looking like a drowned rat, but heart still beating none the less.

After Christmas I had discussions with Jon and Llew and decided to not continue with Llew as a triathlon coach. Jon suggested Elmar and I meet and see if we might be able to work together.  Since I'm committed to Arizona, I was game.  I also interviewed another coach, but chose to stick with the Talisman as that's what I'm familiar with and I like the programming aspect of their Comprehensive Coaching Packages.  So onward I go.... We did another 20 minute time trail in our Sat bike class at the start in January and the elusive 200 W mark was crossed!!  I'm so happy with this result - something I've been chasing for the last 3 years.

Elmar has been doing my programming for the last few weeks and it's been a shock to my system. Really worn out last week and thinking I may not survive when Friday appeared in Training Peaks with a workout.  What the? Friday is my rest day - why does Elmar not know this?  This is not right, we're going to have words.... I immediately filled in every Friday for the next 3 months as "rest days". I think Elmar is still laughing at me as I again found a workout in the Friday box.  This one I think I can handle - stretch and use the roller for 30 minutes.  Ok I can manage that on a Friday...

Next week's goal may be to sort out where to put my bed at the Talisman as I'm there x 2/day many days.

Happy Training
Ciao, Cindy

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