Sunday, January 5, 2014

5 AM, is it really necessary?

Since I returned from Arizona, I've upped my hours of training - game on for a YEAR!!  I've completed 3 previous coaching packages with Talisman ETS, I know I have to put in the time.  That I'm willing to do and getting up at 5 am again for workouts has been a BIG adjustment. Being coached by Llew continues to be a work in progress - hopefully we'll settle into a routine and make it through. Right now the focus is base building - I'm good with this,  my only question is how long is this phase? What's the next phase? I need structure, I want to know stuff ahead of time and prepare, pace myself, just generally stay on top of things.  We'll find a way....

I'm doing various run workouts - running on track (too much of a weenie to be outside in the snow and ice), treadmill (hill repeats), elliptical, and vary it with some rowing and I'm happy to say my body is holding up pretty well! Functionally, I'm noticing improvements - like getting up on a kitchen chair to reach the top shelves - I just stepped up, didn't need to think about it and didn't need the support of the counter.  Weird, but those little things sometimes stand out for me....  Did bike time trials this past week and was far better on my Sat morning TT - up 5W compared to Thurs!!

Christmas prep has been sacrificed - have made the most of my workouts, but didn't get the pyjama factory up and running this year - bad Auntie.  They'll have to be satisfied with stocking stuffers instead, but only if they actually make it to the mail box....

I'm also happy to say that I'm not feeling like I've "peaked" this time of year.  The base building seems to be agreeing with me and I'm going into the new year with lots of energy, not exhausted.  Now to stay the course and keep building.

Happy New Year everyone (and I hope you had a joyous and safe Merry Christmas) - this was supposed to be a December post, but there you go...._

Ciao, Cindy

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