Sunday, June 8, 2014


AND.... not only did I get a promotion in the pool, I had a PB by 46 sec on my 500m time trial!!  Good thing, or Elmar may have demoted me.  I haven't had a big improvement like that in a long time. Very happy to have my coach and see improvements when I'm consistent with work outs.  Now to keep up with my lane mates, please be patient with me :) .... 

Reviewing my last blog post - my ride to Drum was pretty good.  I rode highway 9 instead of the secondary highway through Acme and the wind was not bad at all - I got in 102 km and there were even some corners along with a wide shoulder.  I started just off highway 1/9 intersection and stopped for a quick break at the gas station in Beiseker.  As I'm pulling in - a couple of guys on Harley's wave me in to park beside them.  We had a little chat - where you heading, nice ride, the usual banter between bikers and cyclists - it made my day!  

Can you be patient when you're going stir crazy? 
I have been very patient with my stupid arthritic knee and it's making me crazy.  I got in to see a sports med Doc at Winsport - and after a couple of visits to discuss options, I decided to try a visco-supplementation injection in my left knee.  Should do for 6 months of pain relief, and takes about 3-4 weeks to be fully effective.   I had the injection on Thurs and 72 hours of no activity.  Three days is a long time when it includes a weekend.  My knee was sore on Friday and Sat, but today felt back to normal. I'll get back to my workouts this week, take it easy with walk/run and see how it feels.  If it's still sore I'll continue on the elliptical.  The Alter G treadmill is currently under repair, so that's aggravating and trying my patience. 

Happy training, Ciao Cindy

FYI - if you need a referral to sports med, get your family Dr. to refer you to Winsport - they opened April, 2014 and they don't have a huge wait list, yet.  

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  1. Nice PB Cindy! And good luck with the knee injection. Yes, taking time off can be the hardest thing to do, but you made it through the weekend - well done. Hopefully things just get better from here. I'm interested to hear hear how the knee does after the injection. Great to see you the other day, thanks for the chat,