Friday, September 12, 2014


  • Snow storm in September = work out in the gym
  • Profile room is completely gone at the gym
  • Mezzanine is under construction, so no bike trainers available = sore tailbone from stationary bikes with nasty seats
  • New equipment with no time limits!
And most important of all - attitude change!!
Challenge Penticton Half had some good aspects and bad aspects for me - much of it due to my attitude.  I was very unsure of the run going in. Heading into Ironman Arizona, the run will be walk/run intervals for me, which I knew would be the case when I signed up.  Even though I was miserable during the walk at Challenge, I'm going to take it in stride and keep things in perspective at Arizona.  My goal is still to finish. The more time on my feet between now and race day, the better. As long as I'm moving forward --> it will get me closer to the finish line!!

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