Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Riding

Jane and I on the Bow Valley Parkway (Hwy 1A)

Beautiful fall colours and brilliant colour of the river

Being able to ride outside is something I really enjoy this time of year, as the weather around Calgary can be so fickle....  We did have a nasty snow storm 2 weeks ago that caused trees with leaves to loose huge branches.  

September 20 I took part in the MEC ride up Highwood Pass from the south end.  Started in Turner Valley - Black Diamond - Longview and then headed west to Highwood Pass.  Supposed to be 160 km, but due to a bridge being out (or under construction? - presumably from the floods last year) we completed 140 km.  Still a fabulous ride and beautiful fall colours in the rolling foothills leading up to Hwy 40 and into the mountains.  Saw lots of horse outfitters getting ready for hunting trips into the mountains.  We are so lucky to have this gorgeous scenery and be able to ride and tour around to enjoy it.  (Oh wait - it was a *hammerfest*, I'm training for Ironman after all).

I must say this ride was incredible value for money - paid $35 for a fully supported ride - aide stations manned by paid MEC employees, Boston Pizza individual lasagne for post ride food along with some munchies.  Isn't it amazing what you can offer when profit isn't the point of the whole thing?? Kudos to MEC.  Well organized and great venue. 

This past weekend Jane and I ventured out on a pretty chilly morning from Canmore to the Bow Valley Parkway.  It was cold on the feet and hands with a bit of a headwind on the way out.  That was totally worth it for the return trip in the bright sunshine, warmer temp and best of all - tailwind!! We didn't see many heading out in the am, but by the time we turned around, lots of people out riding.

The perfect weekend....

Happy training
Ciao, Cindy 


  1. The countdown is on to IMAZ. Happy the weather has cooperated so you're not trainer-bound! See you in class this weekend?

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