Sunday, April 19, 2015

Fatigue Lifted, I'm Ready for Action, I'm Injured....

...Or I'm getting old!.  Jan & Feb came and went and I was longing for coached workouts b/c all I seemed to be doing was working long hours and being hit and miss at the gym - not good.  Ready to commit in March - my race calendar set for the summer (Wasa Sprint, Calgary 70.3 (on a relay team as the swimmer) and my "A" race - Canmore Exterra Sprint!!).

Off to the pool I go in early March, shoulder sore post swim, no big deal. Next week same thing only it doesn't go away and gets progressively worse!  2 weeks in I'm very concerned as now I have a numb arm, that I can't move away from my body in any direction & a sore neck - thinking it's my neck due to numb arm - I hit up physio for some neck traction and all will be well. Attempted that with no success - physio works 2 days a week - then off on vacation for 2 weeks.  By now I'm off work b/c not only can I not move my arm or sleep, I can't reach the keyboard on my computer; or hold onto the steering wheel of my car, use the blinker or drive safely.

Dave at Tower is obviously my next stop as my plan of traction did not pan out.  Dave sorts me out in a couple of sessions - obviously where I should have started! It turns out my neck is not the primary source of all this pain - it's my shoulder.  Back to Dr and a req for an ultrasound - not good news - calcification in my rotator cuff muscles (bone growth in muscle is a bad thing, hence the pain, inflammation and just general irritation to me and my shoulder!!)  So used to my knee giving me grief this is a new and unexpected outcome.  Options are available, but since the calcification is minimal surgery is not recommended (thank goodness), and with race season approaching other options (cortisone injection, barbitage, short wave therapy all have recovery time involved).  Not sure what to do with this, but will have the discussion with Dave....

In the meantime - running is my best option!! The irony is not lost on me. I'm having difficulty weight bearing through my arm on the bike b/c of my shoulder and I haven't been in the pool for 6'ish weeks b/c of my shoulder. Short stints on the bike and running are my best options at the moment!!

The other thing that has happened - Cathy asks me yesterday if I'm in the Monday brick session; I say yes - well apparently it started 2 weeks ago, which also means strength and conditioning has also started!!  Good God, I'm loosing my mind!

On a  more positive note... we had our first outside ride of the season on April 18 - to Bragg Creek; I was slow and tired by the end. I took hwy 8 back to avoid the rollers on Springbank Rd - not the best choice as the shoulders had a lot of gravel on them; Springbank Rd was much better.

Ciao and happy training,


  1. Awesome that you got outside for a ride! Good luck with the issues... Patience.

  2. Thanks Mike - enjoying your beautiful pics from Italy!! Crazy amount of climbing. You guys are machines!!