Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Triathlon is a Triathlon....

....Or is it?

"I'm not quitting triathlon until I get a podium finish, so I'll be 70 when I achieve this," has been my motto since I started triathlons/training in 2005.

.... AND 2nd place in my age group 50-59, sprint distance (500m swim, 14 km mountain bike, 5 km trail run) on Sunday August 16, 2015 at the Canmore Xterra Off-road Triathlon!!!  No need to wait until I'm 70, I can do this 20 years ahead of schedule!! ....and as Shannon says, "Internet results are forever!!"

I joined Spin Sisters a few years ago to improve my bike handling skills in anticipation of planning to complete one of the Tour d'Afrique rides (it's not off the table, just not yet, stupid exchange rate).  So this year I thought I'd put those (limited) skills to work....

I bought a new bike (n+1) - Specialized Stump Jumper - full suspension mountain bike; clip-less pedals/shoes (big mistake); flat pedals/shoes (the bruising on my body cut down significantly).  I joined the "learn to race program" with SS, didn't do that well, but I have a new bike kit!

The Race Report:
  • I love triathlons!!
  • Xterra was the hardest race I've ever done!!!  Ironman Arizona was a test of mind and body in relation to - can I maintain perpetual motion for potentially 17 hours? --> Yes
  • Canmore weather wasn't very cooperative - cold, rainy and slick!! 
  • My swim was slowwww (I'm so out of shape)
  • Worst fall off my bike (and I fall a lot)  - slid off a root, bike handlebars twisted and my thigh caught between handlebars and frame - I was stuck and afraid someone was going to run me over b/c they couldn't stop in time.

  • May have been calling out for help and saying "I'm stuck, I'm stuck" repeatedly.
  • Kind lady didn't run me over, stopped, helped and then said  - "Now, just go over there and collect yourself" in a proper English accent. Obviously, I was hysterical..... 
  • The run (well mostly a walk/shuffle) was such a relief after the bike; fell on my ass there too; no calls for help, just got up and went.
  • Passed one person - the only other participant I could keep up with. She turned 50 and wanted to do something significant too! We commiserated as we walked our bikes up yet another hill.
  • Competition for the best support crew ever - Pauline and Alan (Jenn and Heather - I'd have to say it's a tie). Linda and Gerald not to be missed either. Thank you for sticking out a miserable weather day with me.
  • No one was harmed during this race, as I was going to be pissed if there were 4 people in my age group!!!!
Race Season Re-cap:
  • Poor race prep is painful with or without a fall.... (swim bike run)
  • Had an accident with 3 bikes in June at Wasa Lake Triathlon (parkades and bike roof racks are NOT a good combination).  Generous triclub members allowed all 3 of us to race.
  • Wasa ended well and I was really happy with my bike considering my lack of training; shoulder held up for the swim; if you've read my past blogs - you know what I say about the run
  • 1st place in the Sprint Team Challenge at Wasa (Emma Bedard, Jason Dyck, Jordon Koch, Todd Forsyth, and ME!!) Not sure how that happened.
  • Not a single hill repeat at Edworthy!!
  • So many fall overs on my mtn bike - had to give up clip-less pedals and shoes for my health and safety - anyone wear a size 39 Shimano mtn bike shoe with SPD pedals???
  • Time off is a good thing
  • Planning to focus on biking this fall in anticipation of a 2 week cycling trip to Cuba in November
Alternate title for this blog "Winning by attrition is coming to fruition...."
I do believe there is a lot of room for improvement at Canmore Xterra 2016....

Ciao and happy training,

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  1. The podium is a good look for you! :) great work, great result!!