Monday, April 8, 2019


The blog has been resurrected for another trip, sans bike... I have to sort out how to use this blog again, it’s been so long since I posted. Also posting from my iPhone as I didn’t bring my computer along.

I’m away for a trip to Pakistan - part 1 is Lahore/southern Pakistan and part 2 is northern Pakistan from Islamabad. Part 3 is Afghanistan!!  I’m with a friend from Calgary, Carla, and her friend, Jenny, from Toronto and 10 new friends!  We have Canada well represented as well as Scotland, Ireland, UK and Australia.  Many of these travellers have done multiple trips with Lupine, so I’m the newbie.  Our guide is a local from Lahore called Peter and he is wonderful. The local tour operator/owner, Karim, is a Pakistani-Canadian. That was a real surprise.  It came to light as we were showing off our green/white hand paint and he remarked it could also be the Roughriders colours - huh? Where did that reference come from??  He lives in Saskatchewan!!

I must learn how to post photos from my phone, so will be able to add some pics from this trip.
Day 1 will be hard to top with a trip to the Wagha border.   Stay tuned.

Turkish Delight

Goat head stew anyone?  A local delicacy....

Pakistani Rangers at the Wagha Station flag lowering ceremony between India and Pakistan. Each country trying to outdo the other with cheers, chants and patriotism. Happens every day at the only border crossing between Pakistan & India.  
The video is of an audience member showing a lot of enthusiasm 

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