Monday, January 16, 2012


Wow, it's mid-January.... and I've been back at it for 2 weeks now. I seem to be carrying the same enthusiasm as I started the fall with. That's a good sign that I'm not overdoing it in regard to Tri Club and ETS classes. Had a strong finish to my swimming and biking in December. Jury is still out on the running ;)

I'm signed up for the same classes this term with a few minor changes. ETS bike on Tues night with Paul, Thurs swim/run with Jon, and Sat 3 hour bike/brick with Grant. I was thrilled to hear that Jon was coming back along with the added bonus of new Tri Club coaches - Heather and Ed. I'll get to know Heather on Thurs with Jon. I'll have to wait and see where Ed and I cross paths. I'm sure it'll be in the spring sometime as Jon and Grant ramp up for their respective race seasons.

Trying to get in a brick, 2 swims, and a longer run on my own. Since I haven't signed up for a comprehensive coaching package in a couple of years I'll have to pick the coaches brain on a regular basis to keep myself focused.

I'm even signed up for my races - Wasa (sprint) and Victoria Half Ironman. Chose to do the sprint at Wasa since Victoria is the weekend after. Excited to travel to do a race. Not sure if I'll fly or drive. I hate driving long distances unless I'm the passenger with my pillow in the back seat. Still considering a later summer race out east, we'll see what the finances dictate.

All that's missing now is some cross training on Sundays in the form of snow shoeing. Felix, Tushar and I did get out Dec 28, but the conditions were not great. Just not enough snow - we went to Upper Kananaskis Lk. The only thing to come out of that trip was a little "gift" in the mail from Calgary Police.... I'm sure our current, lovely weather will help remedy this..... at least we're getting some snow with the wicked cold.

Survived Grant's crazy, hard 3 hour bike class on Sat. Man, was that really necessary? I hope he didn't scare off any of the new people. Maybe they were lulled into an illusion of it not being too bad since a lot of them probably didn't have any training zones yet? Crap, I did - and I was able to hold them and they were my "new and improved" zones from Dec. Take that Grant!

OK, just to frustrate me, I have come down with a stupid cold. Walked on the track for 90 minutes on Sunday and had to miss my hot tub since I forgot my bathing suit. My head was still muddled after Sat bike....

So good to see everyone after the break. Happy training.

Ciao, CIndy

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  1. Hey Cindy,
    Isn't it great that Jon's back? Now I really miss Calgary.
    I'm planning on doing Wasa also (depending on finances). Looking forward to seeing you there.
    Happy Training.