Sunday, January 22, 2017

Do Epic S**T


I'm not one of "Betty Designs" Ambassadors, but I do like their "do epic shit" sense of purpose.
I may be carrying this a bit far .....I thought turning 50 was "my year" to challenge myself (2014 Ironman Arizona Triathlon), apparently not. Someone needs to remove my credit card from my possession - NOW!!

Not only have I signed up for an amazing adventure in India with TDA Global Cycling, but this morning I also signed up for a "gravel grinder" race Dirty Kanza 200 Mile on June 2, 2017.  Umm, Paul - remember our conversation yesterday morning around plans post India?  Well they went a little askew this morning.  The Dirty Kanza 100 Mile was full .....and then I thought, what to do, what to do... and I did.

India will now do double duty as a training camp/holiday.  Not really, I'm going to enjoy every last moment of India, but I also didn't want to waste all the endurance and strength I'm going to return with.

Ciao, happy training

PS - received my Visa for India! (even TDA was asking for it....)

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  1. 200 miles!!! wowsers... gotta check out that race - you are crazy :-)