Monday, January 2, 2017

The Piles are Accumulating.....


22 days, but who's counting?  I AM!!

Things have been rolling along since my last post and I was doing so well with training and preparations.  Had an excellent time trial pre-Christmas with an 8 watt increase in my power output and an increase in my watts/kg too.  YAY!

Then I woke up on Christmas day with a flippin' cold - grrr.  Oh well, life does move along.  It's been freakin' cold, so not the end of the world to be staying inside while feeling like crap.  I've refocused a little and started various lists of things still left to do for India.  Thankfully a relatively short list since time is running out.

I've amassed 2 piles - "clothing" and "stuff".  I'm almost ready for Carla's inspection.  I'm so glad TDA sent out a packing list.  It's been really helpful 'cause I love to overpack.  I have a distinct memory of 9 pairs of shoes for my week in Arizona for Ironman.  Why would I need 2 pairs of the same runners -1 new and 1 old? - which is how I wore one of each on race day.  I also realized I don't really have a pair of long, light travel pants and those aren't too easy to find in January in Canada. But, I've accumulated a return pile for MEC.

I think I have all my extra days pre-post ride taken care of.  Jan 26-29 in Delhi, then a few extra nights in Goa before flying home.  I have to double check on this as I've been booking all over the place online.  Perhaps not the best planning.

One thing I have been delinquent on is getting my Visa for India.  I should have taken care of that before Christmas.  I went to the Visa office today unprepared and have lost another day....

Happy training and here's to the New Year - so excited to be starting off 2017 with a cycling trip!!

Ciao - Cindy

P.S. - The Brooks saddle seems to be the ticket!

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