Sunday, January 22, 2017

T-2 Days


Two more sleeps until I leave for India!!

Contents of bags have been inspected and passed by Carla.  Then packed, weighed, repacked, reweighed, you get the picture.  Woohoo - I'm under weight!!  (Carla sent me a follow-up text after I celebrated via text to advise I was underweight - "You didn't add anything else did you?" No, I behaved, but thanks for being my conscience.)

With great assistance  from mechanic, Paul, at Bow Cycle, bike is boxed and ready to go after it was weighed and rearranged a little too - it was a little heavy, but since I have room in my bag and can take 2 carryons I'm good to go.

Oh wait - I need to sew a pair of pants.  Perhaps I should get off the blog and do that....

Packing for this trip has been a huge challenge for me.  I didn't do a great job when I went to Cuba last year and do recall having great difficulty with my suitcase every night and morning b/c it was so heavy!  The packing list sent by TDA was so helpful, as was Carla.

I have an envelope full of receipts and so many trips between MEC and a travel store, buy/return, buy/return.  Last night as I did the final pack - I actually took the tags off everything.  This has been an expensive trip in regard to purchases, but many of the things I've bought will serve for multiple trips and are multipurpose.

Ciao, happy training,

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