Tuesday, March 21, 2017

India - the Roads!


How good or bad are the roads in India.  Well they have something for everyone!

Yes, it's a snake - a COBRA that Morris found on the road and picked it up so it didn't get run over, it was alive and well, thank you very much! 
(Peeing in the great outdoors was never the same after that day....)

Mile markers along the way

The "ingredients" for the roads; mostly large and sharp!

Some days were sandy....

Goats on the broken pavement

 Bug collection for the day

"Broken" pavement

Typical community - people, bicycles, animals, big trucks, buses, tuk-tuks, motorbikes and cars

 Brand new 4 lane national highway

My attempt at "selfie" on the bike

These are an example of some of the roughest roads we encountered; we had a few days of this variety

Piling the rocks "just so"- at least he didn't lose any while I was following

Waiting for the train

 Night traffic

On the ferry crossings

Can you spot the Canadian flag?

Then I wondered who "TOD" was, it was nice to read the encouragement along the way to Goa that "TOD" received.....

(Finish 566 km "TOD" Lifecycles)
Tour of Devgad cycling race from Mumbai to Devgad

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