Wednesday, March 8, 2017



Cycling in India can take it's toll on the old body (not that I'm suffering this fate, being only *27*).....

I've taken advantage of a massage if it's been available at the places we stay.

  1. Taj Vivanta Hotel Spa in Delhi - medical questionnaire reviewed by an Ayurvedic MD; Thai massage therapist (female); very similar to what I get at home when I go for a relaxation massage. So nice after 3 days of travel.
  2. Dungarpur (Ubaid Lake Palace) - a massage under the stairs! The hotel has a massage therapist (male) on call.  It took place in a room under the stairs and was good - Ayurvedic trained.
  3. Mandu - male massage therapist (Ayurvedic trained?) and multi-talented (massage therapist, hairdresser, tour guide, chai shop owner, petrol in a pinch).  This one was OK, but he didn't really get the idea of venous return, lymph drainage, but it was great after a long ride on a rest day.  ....And then he took Dennis and I on a tour of the ruins in town!
  4. Ajanta Caves - this guy was a bit odd.... Ayurvedic trained? - social skills a little lacking.... He advised me I was too old to be having sex; I was too fat to have babies; but he was too aggressive with his massage!  He must have thought we "bonded", b/c he remembered my name and everytime he saw me on our rest day, called me by name to say hello.    
  5. Ganpatipole - most interesting so far!!  Ayurvedic trained female. First there was a very nice massage, then a herbal steam bath and then a bucket bath to remove the gallon of oil I was subjected to.  The "sauna" was interesting.  If it hadn't had a plastic and wipeable stool to sit on, I don't think I could have done it.

 The Sauna - homemade with a pressure cooker on the left filled with herbals and water, heated and a hose connected to the inside of the box to fill it with lovely scented steam.  You sit on the stool inside the box and they put it together...
Yup, that round circle on top would be where your head sticks out of the box.


  1. Cindy, Cindy, you're a trusting sort. They look like they need some Finlanders over there to teach them a thing or two about saunas.

    Love Steve :)