Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Favourite Photos


Day 1

Day 40

Taj Mahal

A reminder of the daily chai stops

The philosophical conversations that took place during bike clinic

Indian boys - "Posers" everywhere!  A very male-centric society

Oh, the beautiful faces you will see....

Early morning on the bridge

Tiffin box delivery and sort - Churchgate Station, Mumbai

Churchgate Station - Mumbai

Indian Bikes!

"Ice Cream" Hindu Temples

Lunch stops in the shade

They repair everything

Gawd - laundry was a daily chore..... No laundry = no internet 'til it's done!


Hand carved teak wood blocks for block printing on fabric

Kiln dried, hand made clay/straw bricks that created so many homes along the way

My 2 favourite guys - Dennis & Morris!!

Daily trip sheet

The flagging tape that guided us every day to our destinations

The Finale

EFI Baby! 
[I rode Every F*cking (fabulous) Inch]

My last day in India....

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