Saturday, July 3, 2010

A New Take on Bikes and Function...

Ahhhh, vacations are the best form of rejuvenation.
Now, if I could eliminate jetlag, all the better. We'll see if I have to use it as an excuse as I complete the Olympic distance triathlon at Canmore. Should be fine, I'm doing the swim on a team with my nephew, Logan, who'll ride my bike; and his friend, Kunda, who will do the run. The other nephew had to work.... (Nope, jetlag wasn't a factor and our team did just fine. Nice job boys.)

I did a pretty good job of keeping up training (mostly running) while away for 3 weeks. Interesting to run in a new place when English isn't on the street signs -> solution, only turn left or right and viola you are back to where you started. This actually worked in Finland! I can really relate to others who say running is so portable and easy. I found I was able to fit it in quite easily every second day in the am prior to activities for the day. I know if I had left it 'til the end of day I would've been whining -"My feet are tired". I had my Garmin 305 with me and it picked up satelites wherever I was.

Sweden focused on biking. I traded in my usual 20 gears for 3 on "cruiser" rental bike #32. I had a hard time braking, b/c it was pedal backwards. I was skidding my back tire just like a 10 year old! Rode my bike to IKEA; changed my friends flat back tire; road around the waterfront in Malmo. Put in about 150 km on very flat terrain with great vistas and interesting architecture over the course of the week. Saw some interesting "art" a bike in a "tea cosy"?

Had a few swims/saunas in Finland and swam in an outdoor 50 m pool in Sweden on a gloriously sunny, warm day.

I even got in a few runs in Ireland. Now that is dedication b/c there is good craic their that can certainly take over from training. Met some interesting people at my friends wedding - a marathon runner and another girl who did triathlons. They seem to be better at the "after workout" socializing than we are. I like their attitude - they have a favourite "post workout" pub that they go to! They are so into "sexy Itlaian" gear - Wilier bikes, Rudy project glasses, and the list goes on.....

Now I need to get refocused as Calgary 70.3 is only 4 weeks away! Canmore will help with that. Wish me luck....

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