Sunday, February 26, 2017

Life on the Road


We're getting close to Mumbai - 2 days of riding to go.....
Thought I'd share some pics of the roadside life we see.

Sugar cane juice - we watched the process, then got on our bikes before they insisted we try some

 We ran into these 2 combines on 2-3 different days.  They were brand new and getting delivered to 
new owners.

 This woman came upon us and started blessing us and wishing us well - she was lovely

 Sanjar from Mandu - massage therapist, tour guide, owns a chai shop, barber shop (by appointment only for his services), and petrol when you need it!

 Sharing a "custard apple" with a new friend when I asked what it was - yummy

Nomadic sheep herders - on their way to Pushkar with a camel train that the woman were managing

 Garlic sorting - I thought I'd give it a try.  The box has a screen and it shakes off the outer leaves and the smaller cloves fall through the grate.

 Multiple groups of women we encounter - some are road workers, some carrying goods...

 Rich, Rick and Fritz at a coke stop

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  1. Cindy it looks like a ton of fun. Seeing the buildings (palaces/fortresses) where you guys spent some over nighters really makes a person aware of the history that surrounds the country.