Monday, February 13, 2017

2 Weeks In....


Observations -
  • When one person gets sick, it takes less than a week for everyone to fall victim (I hope that's it for the trip)
  • Tour Director is very organized and I don't know if he actually sleeps or not, but I appreciate his willingness to always assist us - thanks Cristiano

  • When TDA says one bag on the bus, it doesn't include a carry-on, like the airplane - notes for next trip...
  • Sadness that we lost one rider, due to injury on day 2 of trip.  He's on the mend and awaiting his trip home.
  • Not sure this will result in any form of weight loss - I'm loving the food.  I do believe most of our hotels are going light out the chiles
  • Why is our bread so boring??? (future blog topic)
  • Call to Prayer comes even before the roosters start to crow!
  • The stairs - steep, uneven, narrow, may or may not have a railing; if I can survive the bike and slippery shower floors the stairs just might do me in!
  • Noted swimming rules at one hotel - swimmers under age 5 must be supervised. 
  • Staff at one of the forts we've visited

  • Favourite lunch snack - kinda like Hickory Sticks with a kick

  • PUPPIES - everywhere!  Not too often we see female dogs that aren't prepared to be nursing puppies.  The dogs are pretty timid overall.  We've had a couple chase us on the road, but mostly they run away.

  • Chai stops with Dennis and Morris are always fun and attract a crowd.  We usually have our chai in a small paper cup.  It's very tasty and boiling forever.  Haven't been sick (oh oh, shouldn't have said it out loud....)
Making a deep fried potato and chile mixture, wrapped in dough and then deep fried

Mixing the "milk cake" for dessert.  We had this at lunch one day, but it was from a restaurant, not a roadside stall.  It's simply milk and sugar that is boiled until it thickens on a hot fire, stirring constantly.

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  1. Cindy, I finally checked your blog link. Your trip looks fun and interesting so far. I hope all continues to go well for you. LT